Zechariah 14:1-21

14 * Here, Jehovah has a day coming, and the booty from you, Jerusalem, will be divided inside you. 2  And I will bring all the nations together to Jerusalem for battle; and the city will be taken and the houses pillaged and the women ravished. And half the city will go out in deportation, but the rest of the people will not be ousted from the city. 3 * And Jehovah will go out and fight those nations as he fights on a day of battle, 4  and his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives that day, the mountain in front of Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives will split in halves from east to west in a very great valley, and half the mountain will move off to the north and half to the south, 5 * and the valley of Hinnom will be choked—for the valley of Hinnom lies along its side, and will be choked as it was in consequence of the earthquake in the time of King ʽUzzijah of Judah—and my God Jehovah will come and all his holy ones with him. 6 ** And on that day there will not be light and cold and frost; 7 * and it will be all one day—Jehovah knows about it—not day and not night; and at evening time there will be light. 8  And on that day living water will go out from Jerusalem, half to the eastern sea and half to the western; this will be in summer and in winter. 9  And Jehovah will become king over all the earth; on that day Jehovah will be one and his name one. 10 * All the country will go round like the Rift Valley, from Gebaʽ to Rimmon of the South; and Jerusalem will tower up and stay where it was, from the Benjamin Gate to the place of the former gate, to the Corner Gate and Hananel’s Tower, to the King’s Winepresses. 11  And they will live in it, and there will be no more doom, and Jerusalem will rest secure. 12  And this will be the plague that Jehovah will inflict on all the peoples that made the campaign against Jerusalem: rotting one’s flesh while he stands on his feet, and his eyes rotting in their sockets and his tongue rotting in his mouth. 13 * And on that day there will be a great confusion from Jehovah among them, and they will hold each other’s hands and their hands will be raised against each other, 14  and even Judah will fight Jerusalem. And the wealth of all the nations around will be brought in, gold and silver and clothing in great quantities. 15  And the same will be the plague of the ponies, the mules, the camels, the donkeys, and all the beasts that there shall be in those camps, like this plague. 16 * And everybody that is left of all the nations that had come against Jerusalem will come up annually to do reverence to the King, Jehovah of Armies, and to keep the Feast of Booths. 17 * And whoever in the clans of the earth does not come up to Jerusalem to do reverence to the King, Jehovah of Armies, on them there will be no showers; 18  and if the clan of Egypt does not come up and come in, on them will be the plague which Jehovah will inflict on the nations that do not come up to keep the Feast of Booths. 19 * This will be the penalty for Egypt and the penalty for all the nations that do not come up to keep the Feast of Booths. 20  On that day the ponies will have on their jinglets “Sacred to Jehovah,” and the pots in Jehovah’s house will be like the bowls before the altar; 21 * and every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah will be sacred to Jehovah of Armies, and all the sacrificers will go in and take any of them and cook in them. And there will no longer be a trader in Jehovah of Armies’ house on that day.


14:1 The name Jerusalem is not in the Hebrew
14:3 Lit. like the day of his fighting on a day of battle
14:5 Codd. the valley of my mountains will be choked—for a valley of mountains will reach to Asal
14:6-7 Susp.
14:6 Var. be light; resplendences will be congealed
14:7 Lit. it will be one day
14:10 Codd. to Rimmon, the South of Jerusalem; and it will
14:13 (be raised against each other) Unc.
14:16 Codd.* to Jehovah of Armies’ king
14:17 Codd.* to Jehovah of Armies’ king
14:19 Lit. the sin of Egypt and the sin of
14:21 Lit. and take of them