Zechariah 10:1-12

10 * Ask Jehovah for rain at spring-rain time, Jehovah who makes chain-lightning, and he will give you rain in bursts so there will be herbage on the range. 2  For the teraphim have spoken rubbish and the soothsayers have visioned a lie, and they tell futile dreams, give unsubstantial comfort; therefore they stray like sheep, go hungry because there is no shepherd. 3 * Against the shepherds I am angry, and the he-goats I will punish. For Jehovah of Armies has visited his flock the house of Judah and will make them like ponies whose passion is for battle. 4 ** From him headman, from him staff, from him war-bow, from him will come every officer together. 5 ** And they will be like champions trampling through street mud in battle; and they will fight, because Jehovah is with them, and discomfit pony-riders. 6  And I will invigorate the house of Judah, and save the house of Joseph and bring them back, because I have tender feelings for them, and they will be as if I had not repudiated them; for I am their God Jehovah and will answer them. 7  And Ephraim will be like a champion, and their hearts will be merry as if with wine; and their sons will see and be merry, and their hearts will jubilate in Jehovah. 8  I will whistle for them and collect them, because I have ransomed them; and there shall be as many of them as there had been; 9 ** and I will sow them among the peoples, and in the distant places they will remember me and come to life with their sons and come back. 10 * And I will bring them back from Egypt and collect them from Assyria, and bring them to Gilead and Lebanon, and there will be no finding any place for them. 11 *** And they will go through the sea in distress, and he will strike waves into the sea and dry out all the bogs of the Nile, and Assyria’s pride will be brought down and Egypt’s cudgel will pass away; 12  and I will give them vigor in Jehovah, and in his name they shall triumph, quoth Jehovah.


10:1 Codd. in bursts, to a man herbage
10:3 Or like his splendid ponies in battle
10:4 Lit. From him corner, from
10:4 Lit. will come out
10:5 Var. trampling as it were street mud
10:5 Or and pony-riders will be discomfited
10:9 Conj.* have sown
10:9 Var. raise their children to life
10:10 Lit. and it will not be found for them. And
10:11 Conj. through the Egyptian sea, and
10:11 Conj. that he will strike waves into the sea does not belong here
10:11 Codd. and all the bogs of the Nile will dry out