Titus 2:1-15

2  But as for you, speak what is appropriate to sound teaching: 2  that aged men be sober, dignified, discreet, sound in faith, in love, in constancy; 3 * aged women, in the same way, saintlike in demeanor, not scandalmongers nor slaves to drink, good advisers 4  in order that they may train the young women to be affectionate to their husbands, affectionate to their children, 5  discreet, pure, homemakers, kind, submissive to their husbands, in order that God’s word may not be made a butt for vilification. 6  In the same way exhort the younger men to be discreet about everything, 7  setting an example of good works yourself, presenting in your teaching untaintedness, dignity, 8 * irreprovable sound words, in order that he who takes the opposite side may be shamed by not having anything harsh to say about us; 9  servants to be submissive to their masters in everything, to be pleasant, not talking back, 10  not purloining but showing all good faithfulness, in order that they may in every respect adorn the teaching of God our savior. 11  For God’s grace has come on the scene with salvation for all men, 12  schooling us to disown impiety and mundane desires and live discreetly and honestly and piously in the present world, 13  watching for the blessed hope and oncoming of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, 14  who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and cleanse for himself a people specially his own, zealous for good works. 15 * Speak these things and exhort to them and see to people’s conformity to them, with all imperativeness; let nobody make light of you.


2:3 Lit. nor enslaved to much wine, teachers of what is good in order that
2:8 Lit. uncondemnable
2:15 Or Speak these things, and exhort and reprove with