Song of Solomon 7:1-13

7  7:2* How beautifully your feet tap with the shoes,daughter of a nobleman!The swing of your hips is like banglesmade by an artist’s hands. 2  7:3 Your navel is like a stirring-bowl—may there be no lack of wine-mixture!Your waist is like a heap of wheatset round with lilies. 3  7:4 Your two breasts are like two fawns,a gazelle’s twins. 4  7:5** Your neck is like the Ivory Tower.Your eyes are like the reservoirs at Heshbonat the Bath-Rabbim gate.Your nose is like the Lebanon towerlooking out on the Damascus side. 5  7:6* Your head stands on you like Carmel,and the strands of your head are like purple;a king is fettered in the threads. 6  7:7* How beautiful you are, how winsome,love, daughter of delight! 7  7:8 This figure of yours is the likeness of a palm tree;and your breasts, of clusters. 8  7:9* I think I will climb the palm tree,take hold of its bunches of fruit,And let your breasts be like clusters of the grapevineand the scent of your breath like that of apples, 9  7:10*** And your mouth like the best wine,running smoothly for my throat,gliding through my lips and teeth. 10  7:11* I am my truelove’sand his impulse is toward me. 11  7:12 Come on, truelove, we will go out on the range,pass the night in the villages, 12  7:13 Be in the vineyards the first thing in the morningseeing if the grapevines have broken out their buds,Have come into bloom,if the pomegranates have blossomed.There I will give you my love. 13  7:14* The mandrake-apples are giving their scent,and at our doors are all sorts of fine fruits;New and last year’s too,truelove, I have laid up for you.


7:2 Or with the clogs
7:5 Codd.* are like reservoirs Var. are reservoirs
7:5 Or the Lebanon crag
7:6 (last line) Unc., susp.
7:7 Var.* love, among delights
7:9 Lit. the scent of your nose
7:10 Lit. And your palate
7:10 Codd. for my truelove
7:10 (last line) Var. making sleepers’ lips stir
7:11 Or his impulse is my duty
7:14 Or over our doors