Song of Solomon 5:1-16

5 * —I come into my garden, my sister, bride,gather my myrrh with my balsam,Eat my honeycomb with my honey,drink my wine with my milk.—Eat, friend,drink and carouse, truelove! 2  I was asleep but my heart was awake:the sound of my truelove knocking!“Open to me, my sister,my sweetheart, my dove, my ideal,Because my head has got full of dew,my locks of night drops.” 3  “I have taken off my tunic;how can I put it on?I have washed my feet;how can I soil them?” 4  My truelove put his hand through the holeand my bosom was in a turmoil over him. 5  I stood up to open for my truelove,and my hands were dripping with myrrhAnd my fingers with myrrh that went overto the handles of the bolt. 6  I did open for my truelove,but my truelove had turned round and gone.The life had gone out of me at his speaking;I looked for him and did not find him,called him and he did not answer me. 7  The guards that go round in the cityfound me, beat me, wounded me;The guards of the wallstook my mantle off me. 8  I adjure you, daughters of Jerusalem,if you find my truelove,To what you are to tell him:that I am breaking down with love. 9  “What sort of truelove is yours,most beautiful among women?What sort of truelove is yours,that you adjure us like that?” 10  My truelove is white and red,outstanding among ten thousand. 11 * His head is nuggets of red gold;his locks are waving,black as a raven. 12 * His eyes are like doves by dingles of water,bathed in milk and laid in settings. 13  His cheeks are like beds of sweet herbsgrowing perfumers’ stock;His lips are liliesthat drip flowing myrrh. 14  His arms are cylinders of goldset with jasper;His waist is a block of ivoryoverspread with sapphires. 15  His legs are pillars of marbleresting on bases of red gold.The look of him is like the Lebanon,admirable as the cedars. 16 * His talk is lusciousand everything about him fascinating.This is my truelove and this is my friend,daughters of Jerusalem.


5:1 Codd. Eat, friends! drink and carouse, trueloves (or and carouse in love)
5:11 The Hebrew names two fine grades of gold
5:12 (laid in settings) Unc.
5:16 Lit. His palate is sweetmeats and all of him is attractions