Song of Solomon 4:1-16

4 * Ah, you are beautiful, sweetheart,ah, you are beautiful.Your eyes are dovesbehind your veil.Your hair is like a flock of goatsthat overflow a Gilead mountain. 2  Your teeth are like the flock for clippingas they come up from the washing,Flock where they all have twinsand not one has lost a lamb. 3 * Your lips are like scarlet threadand your mouth is lovely.Your temple is like a segment of pomegranatebehind your veil. 4 * Your neck is like David’s towerbuilt for an armory,With the thousand shields hung on it,all the bucklers of the champions. 5  Your two breasts are like two fawns,a gazelle’s twinsThat pasture among the lilies 6  till the day grows breezyand the shadows take flight.I wend my way to the mountain of myrrhand to the hill of frankincense. 7  You are beautiful all of you, sweetheart,and there is nothing wrong about you. 8 * With me from Lebanon, bride,with me from Lebanon you shall come,You shall look off from the top of Amana,from the tops of Shenir and Hermon,From lions’ haunts,from leopards’ mountains. 9 ** You have driven me out of my senses, my sister, bride;you have driven me out of my senses with one of your eyes,with one bead of your necklace. 10  How pretty is your love, my sister, bride!how much better than wine is your love,and the scent of your oils than all spices! 11  Your lips drip purest honey, bride;you have honey and milk under your tongue,and the scent of your clothes is like that of Lebanon. 12 * A locked garden is my sister, bride,a locked garden, a sealed water-spring. 13 * Your sprays are an orchardof pomegranates and priceless fruits,plants of henna and nard, 14  Nard and saffron, sweet flag and cinnamon,with all frankincense-bearing trees,Myrrh and eaglewoodwith all rarest spices. 15 * —The spring in my gardenis a well of living waterand a flow from Lebanon. 16  Wake, north wind, and come, south,blow through my garden, let its spices flow.Let my truelove come into his gardenand eat its priceless fruits.


4:1 Conj. like doves
4:3 Lit. your speaker is lovely
4:4 (armory) Unc.
4:8 Unc., susp.
4:9 Unc.
4:9 Conj. one flash (or other such word) of your eyes
4:12 Conj. are you, my
4:13 Conj. that the last line does not belong here
4:15 Codd. (beginning verse) A garden spring, a well of