Song of Solomon 3:1-11

3  On my bed of nightsI looked for the one that my soul loves,looked for him and did not find him. 2  Let me stand up and go round in the cityin the streets and the squaresLooking for the one that my soul loves;I looked for him and did not find him. 3  The watchmen that go round in the city found me:“Have you seen the one that my soul loves?” 4  I had got a little past themwhen I found the one that my soul loves.I caught hold of him,did not let go of himTill I brought him to my mother’s house,to my parent’s chamber. 5  I adjure you, daughters of Jerusalem,by the gazelles or the wild does,Not to wake love or rouse it uptill it so please. 6 * Who is this coming up out of the wildernesslike columns of smoke,Perfumed with burnings of myrrh and frankincense,with every powder money can buy? 7  Here comes Solomon’s bed,Sixty champions round it,champions of Israel, 8  All of them sword-wielders,men trained to war,Each with sword on thighagainst night alarms. 9  King Solomon has made himself a palanquinof wood from the Lebanon, 10 * Made its legs of silver,its back of gold,Its seat of purple,its body inlaid with ebony. 11  Daughters of Jerusalem, go outand gaze at King SolomonIn the wreath his mother put on himon his wedding-day,the day of his heart’s gladness.


3:6 Lit. every powder of a trader
3:10-11 Codd. inlaid with love from the daughters of Jerusalem. Go out and gaze (var. and gaze, daughters of Sion)