Song of Solomon 2:1-17

2  I am a narcissus on the plain,a lily in one of the vales. 2  —Like a lily among the briers,such is my sweetheart among the daughters. 3  —Like an apple-tree among the trees on the rocks,such is my truelove among the sons.I am eager to sit in his shadeand his fruit is sweet to my palate. 4 * He has brought me to the winehouse,and his banner over me is love. 5  Refresh me with raisins,recover me with apples,because I am breaking down with love. 6 * His left arm clasps my headand his right embraces me. 7  I adjure you, daughters of Jerusalem,by the gazelles or the wild does,Not to wake love or rouse it uptill it so please. 8 * My truelove’s step!here he comesLeaping along the mountains,bounding along the hills; 9  My truelove seems like a gazelleor a young deer.Here he is standingoutside the wall of our house,Gazing through the windows,glancing through the lattices. 10  My truelove speaks up and says to me“Up, sweetheart;come on, my beauty, 11  For the winter is over,the rains are past and gone, 12  The flowers on the ground are out,song-time has come inand the turtledove’s note is heard in our country; 13  The fig-tree has its fruit-buds outand the blooming grapevines are fragrant.Up, sweetheart;come on, my beauty. 14  My dove in the crannies of the cliff,in the covert of the rock-ledge,Let me see your form,let me hear your voice,Because your voice is sweetand your form is lovely.” 15 ** “Catch foxes!Little foxes are damaging vineyards,and our vineyards are blooming!” 16  My truelove is mine and I am his,who pastures his flock among the lilies 17 * Till the day grows breezyand the shadows take flight.Truelove, come roundand do like a gazelleOr a young deeron the mountains of Bether.


2:4 Unc.
2:6 Codd.* goes under my head
2:8 Or My truelove’s voice
2:15 Conj. damaging our vineyards
2:15 Var. and our vineyard is
2:17 Unc.