Song of Solomon 1:1-17

1  Solomon’s Song of Songs 2 * Let him give me kisses from his mouth,for your love is better than wine. 3 ** Your oils are good to smell;your name is Turak oil;therefore the girls love you. 4 *** Draw me after you; we will run;bring me into your chambers, king!We will be gay and glad in you;we think more of your love than of wine;rightly they love you. 5 ** I am dark but handsome, daughters of Jerusalem,like Kedar’s tents, like Solomon’s curtains. 6 * Do not notice how dark I am,how the sun has taken a look at me;My mother’s sons were cross with me,set me to watch the vineyards;my own vineyard I did not watch. 7 * Tell me, you whom my soul loves,where you are pasturing your flock,where you are having them lie down at noon;Why should I be like a girl wandering at randomby your comrades’ flocks? 8  —If you do not know,most beautiful among women,Go out on the track of the sheepand pasture your kids by the shepherds’ tents. 9 * To a pony in the Pharaoh’s chariotsI liken you, sweetheart. 10  How handsome your cheeks with face-chains,your neck with beads! 11  We will make you gold face-chainswith silver studs. 12 * —While the king was at his tablemy nard gave its scent. 13  My truelove is to me the package of myrrhlying between my breasts through the night. 14  My truelove is to me a cluster of henna-flowersin the vineyards of ʽEn-Gedi. 15  —Ah, you are beautiful, sweetheart,ah, you are beautiful, your eyes are doves. 16  —Ah, you are beautiful, truelove,winsome too; our couch too is verdant. 17 * The beams of our house are cedars,our rafters are cypresses.


1:2 Conj. Give me kisses from your mouth Lit. Let him kiss me (conj. Let him give me a drink) out of the kisses of his mouth
1:3 Susp.
1:3 Conj. rubbing-oil
1:4 Or Draw me; after you we will run
1:4 Var. the king has brought me into his chambers
1:4 Conj. and glad in it
1:5 Lit. am black
1:5 Conj.* Salmah’s curtains
1:6 Lit. Do not see
1:7 Codd. a girl wrapped up or a love-sick girl
1:9 Conj. the ponies
1:12 Conj.* is at his table my nard gives
1:17 (rafters) Unc.