Romans 12:1-21

12  So, brothers, I urge you by God’s compassion to present your bodies a holy living sacrifice acceptable to God, your rational form of worship; 2 * and do not shape yourselves to fit in with these times, but be transformed by reconstitution of your mind so that you may be judges of what is God’s good and acceptable and perfect will. 3 * For through the grace given to me let me tell each man among you not to be more lofty-minded than is right, but to mind that he keeps in his right mind, each as God has allotted him a measure of faith. 4  For as we have many organs in one body, but the organs do not all have the same function, 5  so we who are so many are one body in Christ, and individually organs of each other, 6  but having different gifts according to the grace given to us— 7 * be it prophecy in proportion to faith, be it servitorship in serving, be it the teacher in teaching, 8 * be it the exhorter in exhortation; the giver of his goods in largeheartedness, the manager of affairs in devotion to duty, the comforter of misfortunes in cheeriness; 9  love with no sham about it; detesting what is wicked, sticking tight to what is good; 10  in brotherliness mutually affectionate, in honor showing mutual deference, 11 * in earnestness not slack, enthusiastic in spirit, conscious of being bound to the Lord’s service, 12  blithe in hope, steadfast in distress, devoted to prayer, 13  showing solidarity with the needs of God’s people, forward in hospitality. 14  Bless your persecutors: bless and do not curse. 15  Gladness with men who are being glad, weeping with weepers. 16  Interested along the same line, for each other; not occupied with thoughts of high things, but drawn into the interests of lowly people; do not feel as if you were great thinkers. 17  Not paying anybody back a bad turn for a bad, keeping in mind what is going to be good before all men; 18  if possible, as far as depends on you, keeping at peace with all men; 19 * not taking your own revenges, dear ones, but leave room for God’s anger; for it is written “Mine is vengeance, I will requite, says the Lord.” 20  But “if your enemy is hungry feed him, if he is thirsty give him a drink, for in doing this you will be piling live coals on his head.” 21  Do not be beaten by the bad, but beat the bad with the good.


12:2 Or let yourselves be shaped
12:3 Lit. I am telling
12:7 Lit. service in service
12:8 Lit. the pitier in cheerfulness
12:11 Or enthusiastic by the Spirit
12:19 Lit. for the anger