Obadiah 1:1-21

1  The vision of ʽObadiah.Says the Lord Jehovah for Edom,We have heard a report from Jehovah, and a courier has been sent among the nations, “Up, let us stand up against her for war.” 2  Here, I have made you little among the nations; greatly despised you are. 3  Your self-confidence has deluded you, perched in the crannies of the cliffs with your lodgment on the towering heights, that say to yourself “Who will bring me down to earth?” 4  If you go high as the vulture and have your nest set between the stars, from there I will bring you down, quoth Jehovah. 5  If thieves came to you, if night marauders—how you are blotted out!—would they not steal what they had occasion for? if grape-gatherers came to you would they not leave after-pickings? 6  How ʽEsau is hunted out, his coverts pried into! 7 * All the men you had treaties with have sent you to the boundary; the men who were at peace with you have deluded you, overpowered you; they have laid your bread as a trap for you; he has no sense in him. 8  Shall I not on that day, quoth Jehovah, do away with wise men in Edom and good judgment in ʽEsau’s highland? 9  and your champions shall be dismayed, Teman, so that ʽEsau’s highland shall be without a man by carnage. 10  For the outrage to your brother Jacob shame shall cover you and you shall be done away with forever: 11  in the day when you stood by, in the day when strangers were carrying off his strength and foreigners had come into his gate and were casting lots over Jerusalem, you too were like one of them. 12  And do not gloat over your brother’s day on his day of mishap; and do not rejoice for the sons of Judah on the day they are perishing; and do not talk jauntily on a day of distress; 13 ** do not go into my people’s gate on their day of calamity, do not be another to gloat over his ills on his day of calamity, and do not put your hand to his wealth on his day of calamity; 14  and do not stand in ambush to cut off those of his who are escaping; and do not in a day of distress hand his survivors over to their fate. 15  For Jehovah’s day is near upon all the nations: as you have done you shall be done by; your dealings shall come back on your own head. 16  For as you have drunk on my sacred highland all the nations shall drink all the time, drink and talk at random and be as if they never had been; 17 ** but on Mount Sion there shall be escape, and it shall be sacred, and the house of Jacob shall dispossess their dispossessors. 18  And the house of Jacob shall be fire and the house of Joseph become flame, and the house of ʽEsau become stubble; and they shall catch to them and eat them up, and the house of ʽEsau shall have no survivor, because Jehovah has spoken. 19 *** And they shall take possession of the South, ʽEsau’s highland, and the lowlands, the Philistines; and they shall take possession of the countryside of Ephraim and the countryside of Samaria, and Benjamin Gilead. 20 ** And the deported population of Halah (this is for the sons of Israel) shall dispossess the Canaanites to Sarephath, and the deported Jerusalemites in Asia Minor shall take possession of the cities of the South. 21  And saviors shall come up into Mount Sion to do justice on ʽEsau’s highland; and the empire shall be Jehovah’s.


7 Susp.
13 Conj. that the middle part of the verse has been written in by mistake
13 Var. to his wealth on the day they are perishing
17 Or an escape
17 (last words) Codd.* shall take possession of their possessions
19 Susp.
19 Or the South with ʽEsau’s highland, and the lowlands with the Philistines
19 Conj. and the Bene-ʽAmmon, Gilead or and the Bene-ʽAmmon with Gilead
20 Codd. And the deported of this force for the children of Israel who are Canaanites to Sarephath (doubtful grammar in who are Canaanites)
20 (Asia Minor) Unc.