Numbers 24:1-25

24  And Balaam saw that Jehovah was pleased to bless Israel, and did not go as at other times to meet with signs, bud set his face toward the wilderness; 2 * and Balaam raised his eyes and saw Israel outspread by tribes, and a spirit of God was upon him, 3 * and he struck up his lay and said “Quoth Beʽor’s son Balaam,quoth the man enlightened of eye, 4  Quoth he who hears the Deity’s say,who beholds the vision of Shaddai,fallen down and with unveiled eyes: 5  How goodly are your tents, Jacob,your lodges, Israel! 6 * Like far-stretching glens,like riverside gardens,Like spice-trees that Jehovah has planted,like cedars by water. 7 * Let water drip from his buckets,his seed be in much water,And his king be loftier than Agag,and his kingdom hold its head high. 8 * It is a Deity that brings him out of Egypt,he has pikes like a ure’s.He shall eat nations, his foes,and crunch their bonesand shatter by his arrows. 9  He lies down, lies at ease,Like a lion and like a lioness; who will stir him up?He who blesses you is blessedand he who curses you is cursed.” 10  And Balak was angry at Balaam and struck his hands together; and Balak said to Balaam “It was to lay a curse on my enemies I called you, and here you have been blessing them these three times. 11  Now get away to your place; I meant to do honors to you, but here Jehovah has withheld you from honors.” 12  And Balaam said to Balak “Did I not tell even your messengers whom you sent to me 13  ‘If Balak gives me his house full of silver and gold I cannot do anything good or bad of my own free will in violation of Jehovah’s charge: what Jehovah says, that I say’? 14  Now here I am going to my people; come, I will advise you what this people will do to yours in future days.” 15 * And he struck up his lay and said “Quoth Beʽor’s son Balaam,quoth the man enlightened of eye, 16 * Quoth he who hears the Deity’s sayand has the knowledge of the Lord above,Who beholds the vision of Shaddai,fallen down and with unveiled eyes: 17 ** I see him, but not now;I behold him, but not near:A star has traveled from Jacoband a scepter has risen from IsraelWhich will shatter Moab’s browand the crown of all sons of Shuth. 18 ** And Edom will be annexed,And Seʽir will be annexed, his enemies,and Israel gain vigor. 19 ** And one will bear empire out of Jacoband destroy every survivor of every city.” 20 ** And he saw the ʽAmalekites, and struck up his lay and said“First of nations was ʽAmalek,but in future it will perish evermore.” 21 * And he saw the Cainites, and struck up his lay and said“Permanent is your home,set on a cliff your nest, 22 * But Cain will come to be nibbled away—How long? Assyria will carry you off to slavery.” 23 * And he struck up his lay and said“Alas, who will live when Deity causes it? 24 * But ships from the Cyprus sideWill tame Assyria and tame ʽEberand he too will perish evermore.” 25  And Balaam went off, and back to his place; and Balak also went his way.


24:2 Lit. alighted by tribes
24:3 (enlightened) Unc.
24:6 (spice-trees) Unc.; susp.
24:7 (beginning) Susp.
24:8 (beginning) Susp.
24:15 (enlightened) Unc.
24:16 Lit. knows the knowledge
24:17 Lit. Moab’s temples (of head)
24:17 Var. and tear down all
24:18 (beginning) Susp.
24:18 Or gain wealth Or do stalwartly
24:19 Unc.; conj. And Moab shall come down, and every survivor shall perish out of ʽAr
24:19 Lit. destroy survivor out of city
24:20 Or is ʽAmalek
24:20 (end) Susp.
24:21 Conj. Permanent make your home
24:22 Conj. But Kain will belong to ʽEber—
24:23 Or when Deity installs him Susp.
24:24 Conj. ships shall come out from the Cyprus side and tame