Malachi 1:1-14

1 * The boding of Jehovah’s word to Israel by Malaki. 2  I loved you, says Jehovah. And you say “In what did you love us?” Was not ʽEsau brother to Jacob? quoth Jehovah; and I loved Jacob, 3 * and ʽEsau I hated and made a desolation of his mountains and wilderness pastures of his estate. 4  Whereas Edom says “We have had our houses wrecked, but we shall come back and rebuild the ruins,” Jehovah of Armies says “They will build, but I will demolish; and they will be called ‘Wrong Side Precinct’ and ‘the people to whom Jehovah is hostile forever’; 5  and your eyes will see it and you will say ‘Jehovah proves great beyond the boundary of Israel.’” 6  Son honors father, and servant his master. Then if I am a father where is my honor, and if I am a master where is my fear? says Jehovah of Armies to you priests, despisers of my name—and you say “In what have we despised your name?” 7  You bring polluted food up to my altar—and you say “In what have we polluted you?” In your saying “Jehovah’s table is of no account.” 8  And when you bring on a blind creature for sacrificing, it is no harm! and when you bring on a lame one, it is no harm! Present it to your governor! will he be conciliated, or do favors for you?—says Jehovah of Armies. 9  And now propitiate Deity that he may be gracious to us; this came from your hands—will he favor any of you? says Jehovah of Armies. 10  Ah, and O for one among you to shut the doors so that you should not light up my altar for nothing! I have no liking for you, says Jehovah of Armies, and will not accept offerings from your hands. 11 * For from utmost east to utmost west my name is great among the nations, and in every place incense is offered up to my name, and pure offerings; for my name is great among the nations, says Jehovah of Armies; 12  but you profane it by saying “Jehovah’s table is polluted and the eating of its yield is unsatisfactory.” 13 * And you say “O, the tiresomeness!” and pooh-pooh me, says Jehovah of Armies; and you bring stolen property and the lame and the sick, and bring it as an offering; am I to accept it from your hands? says Jehovah. 14 * But cursed is a schemer who, when there is a male in his flock and he vows it, sacrifices a mutilated creature to the Lord; for I am a great king, says Jehovah of Armies, and my name is terrible among the nations.


1:1 Or by my messenger Var. by his messenger
1:3 Var. his estate for jackals a wilderness
1:11 Lit. from the place of sunrise to the place of sunset
1:13 Lit. “There, what tiresomeness!”
1:14 Var. flock, makes a vow and sacrifices