Lamentations 3:1-66

3  I am the man that saw hardshipby the cudgel of his wrath. 2  Me he drove along to godarkling, unlighted. 3  Only at me all dayhe kept turning back his hand. 4  He wore away my flesh and skin,shattered my bones, 5 * Built siege-works against me and surroundedmy head with hard experiences, 6  Seated me in places of darknesslike men long since dead. 7  He walled me off so that I could not get out,made my fetters heavy. 8  Withal when I cried and clamoredhe shut off my prayer. 9 * He walled up my road with masonry,kept me making detours. 10  An ambushed bear he was to me,a lion under cover. 11  My roads he filled with briers and tore my flesh,laid me desolate. 12  He strung his bow and set me uplike a target for the arrow, 13 * Sent in the contents of his quiverinto my waist. 14 * I became a butt for the laughter of all my people,for their jingles all day long. 15  He filled me up with bitter greens,gave me wormwood-juice for refreshment, 16  And rasped my teeth with gravel,thrust me down in the ashes. 17 * And you banned my soul from welfare;I forgot such a thing as good, 18  And said “my continuance is lost,and my expectation from Jehovah.” 19 * The recollection of my miserable and homeless state is wormwood and opium. 20 * Recollect my soul does,and is downhearted within me. 21  This I will bring back to mind,will therefore wait, 22  Jehovah’s friendlinesses, that they are not exhausted,that his sympathy has not come to an end, 23  New every morning;great is your loyalty. 24  Jehovah is my portion, my soul has said;therefore I will wait for him. 25  Jehovah is good to those who hope in him,to a soul that betakes itself to him. 26  Good it is that one wait, and in silence,for Jehovah’s salvation. 27  Good it is for a man that he carrya yoke in his youth, 28  Sit alone and be stillbecause it was laid on him, 29  Put his mouth in the dust,—perhaps there may be hope,— 30  Give his cheek to the one who strikes him,take his fill of humiliation. 31 * For the Lord will not repudiateman forever, 32  For if he causes misery he will have sympathyin accordance with his great friendliness, 33  For he does not arbitrarily grind downsons of man and bring them to misery. 34  To beating down underfootall earth’s prisoners, 35  To warping the law against a manin the face of the Most High, 36  To circumventing a man in his suit over his rights,the Lord does not assent. 37 * Who is there that says a thing and has it comewhen the Lord has not ordered it? 38  Do not evils and good comeout of the mouth of the Most High? 39 * What should a living man bemoan,a man over his sin? 40  Let us search our course and examine it,and come back to Jehovah. 41  Let us hold up our hearts in our handsto Deity in heaven. 42  We were criminal and disobedient;you did not forgive. 43  You overspread us with anger and pursued us,you killed without mercy. 44  You overspread yourself with a cloudto keep our prayers from coming through. 45  You are making us an offscouring and a bit of refuseamong the peoples. 46  All our enemies have openedtheir mouths wide at us. 47 * We face dread and chasm,breaking and crash. 48  My eyes run streams of waterfor the breaking of the daughter of my people. 49  My eyes are running out and never haltingfor lack of a soothing balm. 50  Till Jehovah from the skylooks out and sees, 51  My eyes handle my soul cruellybecause of all the daughters of my city. 52  My unprovoked enemies hunted medown like a sparrow. 53  They extinguished my life in the pitand flung stones on me. 54  Water rolled over my head;I thought “It is all over with me.” 55  I called your name, Jehovah,out of the abysmal pit; 56 * You heard my voice, “Do not let your earsdisregard my freedom, my clamor.” 57  You drew near on the day I called you,you said “Do not be afraid.” 58  You upheld my right to exist, Lord,you stood up for my life. 59  You, Jehovah, saw the chicanery against me,did justice for me. 60  You saw all their revengefulness,all that they thought of for me. 61  You heard their taunts, Jehovah,all that they thought of against me, 62  My assailants’ lipsand their whispering against me all day. 63  Look at their sitting down and standing up;I am the butt of their jingles. 64  You will give them back, Jehovah,treatment that matches the work of their hands: 65 * You will give them infatuated minds,your curse for them, 66  Will pursue them in anger and root them outfrom under Jehovah’s sky.


3:5 (my head with) Codd. me with poison and
3:9 (kept me making detours) Lit. contorted my paths
3:13 Lit. into my kidneys
3:14 Var. of all peoples
3:17 Conj. And my soul let welfare drop
3:19 Codd.* Recollect my miserable and homeless state, wormwood
3:20 Lit. over me
3:31 Codd. repudiate forever
3:37 Lit. Who says and it is, when
3:39 Susp.
3:47 Lit. We have got dread and chasm
3:56 (last words) Susp.
3:65 (infatuated) Unc.