Joshua 5:1-15

5  And when all the kings of the Amorites on the west side of the Jordan, and all the kings of the Canaanites by the seaside, heard that Jehovah had dried up the water of the Jordan before the sons of Israel till they had come across, their hearts melted down and they no longer had any spirit in them because of the sons of Israel. 2  At that time Jehovah said to Joshuaʽ “Make yourself flint blades and re-circumcise the sons of Israel”; 3  and Joshuaʽ made himself flint blades and circumcised the sons of Israel at Foreskin Hill. 4  And this was the occasion of Joshuaʽ’s circumcising: all the males of the people that had come out of Egypt, all the fighting men, had died in the wilderness on the way as they came out of Egypt— 5  for all the people that came out had been circumcised, but all the people that were born in the wilderness on the way as they came out of Egypt had not, 6  because the sons of Israel had been going in the wilderness forty years till all the nation were gone, the fighting men that had come out of Egypt, who had not obeyed Jehovah, to whom Jehovah had sworn that he would not have them see the country Jehovah had sworn to their fathers to give us, a country that runs milk and honey; 7  and he had raised up their sons in their place. Them Joshuaʽ circumcised, because they were uncircumcised; for they had not circumcised them on the way. 8  And when all the nation were done being circumcised, they stayed in camp where they were till they were well. 9 * And Jehovah said to Joshuaʽ “Today I have galal, rolled off, the slur of the Egyptians from you,” and that place has been named Gilgal to this day. 10  And the sons of Israel camped at the Gilgal, and celebrated the passover on the fourteenth day of the month at evening, in the flats of Jericho. 11 * And they ate corn of the country on the day after the passover, matzoth and roasted grain. That very day 12  the manna left off, on their eating corn of the country, and the sons of Israel no longer had manna but ate produce of Canaan that year. 13  And while Joshuaʽ was at Jericho he raised his eyes and found a man standing before him with his sword drawn in his hand; and Joshuaʽ went to him and said “Are you on our side or the enemy’s?” 14  And he said “No, I am Jehovah’s general, I have just come.” And Joshuaʽ threw himself on his face on the ground and did reverence, and said to him “What has my lord to say to his servant?” 15  And Jehovah’s general said to Joshuaʽ “Slip your shoes off your feet, because the place you are standing on is sacred”; and Joshuaʽ did so.


5:9 Or of Egypt
5:11-12 Var. grain that very day; and the manna left off next day, on