Joshua 23:1-16

23  And long after Jehovah had given Israel rest from all their enemies on all sides, Joshuaʽ, being an old man, far gone in years, 2  called all Israel, its elders and its chiefs and its judges and its marshals, and said to them “I am an old man, far gone in years; 3  and you have seen everything that your God Jehovah did to all these nations on your account, because it was your God Jehovah that fought for you. 4 * See, I have allotted these remaining nations to you as estate, tribe by tribe, from the Jordan and all the nations I exterminated and the great sea where the sun sets. 5  And your God Jehovah will himself push them out of your way and dispossess them from before you, and you shall take possession of their country as your God Jehovah promised you; 6  and you are to be very determined to take care and live up to everything that is written in the code of Moses, not turning off from it to right or to left, 7 * not going in among these nations that remain with you, nor mentioning the names of their gods nor putting an oath by them nor worshiping them nor doing reverence to them, 8  but sticking to your God Jehovah, as you have done it to this day 9  and Jehovah has dispossessed before you great and numerous nations, and not a man has stood before you to this day; 10  one man of you would chase a thousand, because it was your God Jehovah that fought for you as he had promised you. 11  And you are to keep a sharp watch on your ownselves to love your God Jehovah, 12  because if you do turn back and adhere to the rest of these nations that remain with you and intermarry with them and go in among them and they among you, 13  you are to know positively that your God Jehovah will do no more of dispossessing these nations from before you, and they will become to you a trap and a snare, and a whip on your sides and thorns in your eyes, till you perish off this good soil your God Jehovah has given you. 14  Here I am today going the way of all the earth, and you know in all your hearts and souls that not one point of all the good things your God Jehovah promised about you has failed; 15  it all came true for you, not one point of it failed. And as all the good word your God Jehovah promised about you has come true to you, so will Jehovah make all the bad word come true to you till he roots you out from this good soil that he gave you, 16  when you overstep Jehovah’s covenant that he enjoined on you and go and worship other gods and do reverence to them, and Jehovah is angry with you and you perish quickly off the good country he gave you.”


23:4 Susp.
23:7 Lit. nor putting an oath nor Var. nor swearing nor Var. omits nor putting an oath