Joshua 18:1-28

18 * And all the congregation of the sons of Israel assembled at Shiloh and established the Tent of Meeting there, with the subjugated country before them. 2  And there were left among the sons of Israel, who had not divided their estates, seven tribes. 3  And Joshuaʽ said to the sons of Israel “How much are you going to lag back from going in to take possession of the country your God Jehovah gave to your fathers? 4  Nominate three men to each tribe whom I may send to start out and explore the country and list it in proportion to the estates they are to have and come to me; 5  and divide it into seven shares, Judah standing fast in his territory on the south and the house of Joseph standing fast in their territory on the north; 6  and do you list the country in seven shares and bring them here to me and I will cast lots for you here before our God Jehovah. 7  For the Levites have no share among you, because Jehovah’s priesthood is their estate; and Gad and Reuben and half the tribe of Manasseh have taken their estates on the east side of the Jordan, what Jehovah’s servant Moses gave to them.” 8 * And the men started out and went; and Joshuaʽ commissioned the ones that went to list the country, saying “Go and explore the country and list it and come back to me, and here I will throw lots for you before Jehovah at Shiloh.” 9  And the men went and passed through the country and listed it in a book city by city into seven shares, and came to Joshua in the camp at Shiloh, 10 * and Joshuaʽ threw lots for them at Shiloh before Jehovah. 11  And the lot of the tribe of the sons of Benjamin, clan by clan, came up; and the boundary of their lot went out between the sons of Judah and the sons of Joseph. 12  And they had their boundary, for the north quarter, from the Jordan; and the boundary went up to the northern front of Jericho and up into the highland westward, coming out in the wilderness of Beth-Aven; 13  and the boundary went over from there to Luz, to the southern front of Luz, that is, Bethel; and the boundary went down to ʽAtaroth-Addar on the mountain south of Lower Beth-Horon. 14  And the boundary curved round to the west border south of the mountain facing Beth-Horon on the south, and its termination was at Kirjath-Baal, that is, Kirjath-Jeʽarim, city of the sons of Judah; this was the west border. 15 * And the south border was from the edge of Kirjath-Jeʽarim; and the boundary went out west and out to the spring of Nephtoah Water, 16  and the boundary went down to the edge of the mountain facing Ben-Hinnom’s Valley in Ghost Hollow on the north, and down to Hinnom’s Valley to the south front of the Jebusites and down to ʽEn-Rogel, 17  and curved north and went out to ʽEn-Shemesh and out to Geliloth opposite Red Pass and down to Reuben’s son Bohan’s stone 18 * and over to the north front of Beth-ha-ʽArabah and down to the Rift Valley, 19  and the boundary went over to the north front of Beth-Hoglah, and the termination of the boundary was at the north inlet of the Salt Sea, at the south extremity of the Jordan. This was the south boundary. 20  And the Jordan bounded it on the east border. This was the estate of the sons of Benjamin boundary by boundary all round, clan by clan. 21  And the cities for the tribe of the sons of Benjamin clan by clan were Jericho and Beth-Hoglah and ʽEmek-Kesis 22  and Beth-ha-ʽArabah and Semaraim and Bethel 23  and the ʽAvvim and the Parah and Ghophrah 24  and Kephir-ha-ʽAmmonai and ʽOphni and Gebaʽ, twelve cities and their villages, 25  Gibeon and the Ramah and Beeroth 26  and the Mispeh and the Kephirah and the Mosah 27  and Rekem and Irpeel and Taralah 28  and Selaʽ-ha-Eleph and the Jebusites (that is, Jerusalem) and Gibeath and Kirjath-Jeʽarim, fourteen cities and their villages. This was the estate of the sons of Benjamin clan by clan.


18:1 More lit. there, the country lying subjugated before them
18:8 Var. me here, and I
18:10 Var. threw lots for them at Shiloh before Jehovah; and there Joshuaʽ divided the country to the sons of Israel according to their divisions.
18:15 (west) Susp.
18:18 Var. north front of the verge of the Rift Valley and down