Joshua 15:1-63

15  And the lot for the tribe of the sons of Judah, clan by clan, was to the boundary of Edom in the south of the wilderness of Sin, at its southern extremity. 2  And they had their southern boundary from the end of the Salt Sea, from the inlet that points south; 3  and it went out to a point south of Scorpion Pass and over to Sin and up south of Kadesh-Barneaʽ and over to Hesron and up to Addar and around to the Karkaʽ, 4  and over to ʽAsmon and out to Egypt Arroyo, and the termination of the boundary was at the sea: this is to be your south boundary. 5  And the east boundary was the Salt Sea to the end of the Jordan. And the boundary for the north border was from the inlet of sea at the mouth of the Jordan; 6  and the boundary went up to Beth-Hoglah and over north of Beth-ha-ʽArabah; and the boundary went up to Reuben’s son Bohan’s stone; 7 * and the boundary went up to Debir from Trouble Vale and bent toward the Gilgal opposite Red Pass on the south of the arroyo; and the boundary went over to the ʽEn-Shemesh water and had its termination at ʽEn-Rogel. 8  And the boundary went up to Ben-Hinnom’s Valley, to the southern front of the Jebusites, that is, Jerusalem; and the boundary went up to the crest of the mountain along Hinnom’s Valley on the west, at the west end of Ghost Hollow. 9 * And the boundary curved from the crest of the mountain to the spring of Nephtoah Water and went out to the peak of Ghephron Mountain; and the boundary curved to Baʽalah, that is, Kirjath-Jeʽarim. 10  And the boundary went round westward of Baʽalah to Seʽir Mountain, and over to the northern ledge of Jeʽarim Mountain, that is, Kesalon, and down to Beth-Shemesh and over to Timnah. 11  And the boundary went out to the northern front of ʽEkron. And the boundary curved to Shikkeron and went over to the Baʽalah highland and out to Jabneel; and the termination of the boundary was at the sea. 12  And the west boundary was the great sea as boundary. This is the boundary of the sons of Judah all round, clan by clan. 13  And to Caleb the son of Jephunneh was given a share in the middle of the sons of Judah by Jehovah’s direction to Joshuaʽ, Kirjath-Arbogh the headquarters of the ʽAnakites, that is, Hebron; 14  and Caleb dispossessed from there the three sons of the ʽAnak, She-shai and Ahiman and Talmai, the breed of the ʽAnak. 15 * And from there he went up against the inhabitants of Debir (the name of Debir formerly being Kirjath-Sepher); 16  and Caleb said “To the one who conquers and takes Kirjath-Sepher I will give my daughter ʽAcsah as wife”; 17  and Ghothniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother, took it, and Caleb gave him his daughter ʽAcsah as wife. 18 ** And when she came she instigated him to ask her father for land; and she dismounted from her donkey, and Caleb said to her “What is the matter?” 19 * and she said “Give me a blessing, because you have put me in the South: give me bowls of water.” And he gave her Upper Gulloth and Nether Gulloth. 20  This is the estate of the tribe of the sons of Judah, clan by clan. 21  And the cities on the frontier of the tribe of the sons of Judah toward the boundary of Edom, in the South, were Kabseel and Gheder and Jagur 22 * and Kinah and Dimonah and ʽAdʽadah 23  and Kedesh and Hasor and Ithnan-Ziph 24  and Telem and Baʽaloth 25  and Hasor-Hadattah and Kirjath-Hesron (that is, Hasor- 26  Amam) and Shemaʽ and Moladah 27  and Hasar-Gaddah and Heshmon and Beth-Pelet 28  and Hasar-Shuʽal and Beer-Shebaʽ and its dependencies, 29  Baʽalah and ʽIjim and ʽEsem 30  and Eltolad and Kesil and Hormah 31  and Siklag and Madmannah and Sansannah 32  and Lebaoth and Shilhim and ʽEn-Rimmon: total twenty-nine cities and their villages. 33  In the lowland: Eshtaol and Soreah and Ashnah 34  and Zanoah and ʽEn-Gannim, Tappuah and the ʽEnam, 35  Jarmuth and ʽAdullam, Socoh and ʽAzekah 36  and Shagharaim and ʽAdithaim and the Gederah and Gederothaim, fourteen cities and their villages; 37  Senan and Hadashah and Migdal-Gad 38  and Dilean and the Mispeh and Joktheel, 39  Lakish and Boskath and ʽEglon 40  and Cabbon and Lahmas and Kithlish 41  and Gederoth, Beth-Dagon and Naʽamah and Makkedah, sixteen cities and their villages; 42  Libnah and ʽEther and ʽAshan 43  and Iphtah and Ashnah and Nesib 44  and Keʽilah and Aczib and Mareshah, nine cities and their villages; 45  ʽEkron and its dependencies and villages 46  from ʽEkron westward, everything along the steeps and their villages, 47  Ashdod and its dependencies and villages, Ghaza and its dependencies and villages, to Egypt Arroyo, and the great sea as boundary. 48  And in the highland: Shamir and Jattir and Socoh 49  and Dannah and Kirjath-Sannah (that is, Debir) 50  and ʽAnab and Eshtemoh and Ghanim 51  and Goshen and Holon and Giloh, eleven cities and their villages; 52  Arab and Dumah and Eshean 53  and Janum and Beth-Tappuah and Aphekah 54  and Humtah and Kirjath-Arbogh (that is, Hebron) and Sighor, nine cities and their villages; 55  Ma’on, Carmel and Ziph and Juttah 56  and Jezreʽel and Jokdeam and Zanoah, 57  the Cain, Gibeah and Timnah, ten cities and their villages; 58  Halhul, Beth-Sur and Gedor 59  and Maʽarath and Beth-ʽAnoth and Eltekon, six cities and their villages; 60  Tekoaʽ and Ephrathah (that is, Bethlehem) and Peghor and ʽEtam and Kolan and Tetam and Sores and Kerem and Gallim and Bether and Menohoh, eleven cities and their villages; Kirjath-Baal (that is, Kirjath-Jeʽarim) and the Rabbah, two cities and their villages. 61  In the wilderness: Beth-ha-ʽArabah, Middin and Secacah 62  and the Nibshan and Salt City and ʽEn-Gedi, six cities and their villages. 63  And the Jebusites, who lived in Jerusalem, the sons of Judah could not dispossess, and the Jebusites live with the sons of Judah in Jerusalem to this day.


15:7 Var. and northward, bending toward
15:9 (peak) Unc.
15:15 Or* Kirjath-Sopher
15:18 Var. he instigated her
15:18 (dismounted) Unc.
15:19 (bowls) Heb. gulloth, unc.
15:22-59 Ancient copies vary as to some of these names, and the count does not always agree with the stated total number of cities; susp.