Job 9:1-35

9  But Job answered 2  “Certainly, I know it is so,and how is a human being to be in the right with Deity? 3  If he chooses to argue a case with himhe will not answer him one point out of a thousand. 4  Wise in heart and mighty in strength,who has defied him and remained safe and sound? 5  Him who displaces mountains before they know it,as he has overthrown them in his anger; 6  Him who shakes earth loose from its placeand its pillars quiver; 7  Him who says a thing to the sun and it does not break out,and seals off stars; 8  Sole spreader of sky,treader on heights of sea, 9  Maker of Aldebaran, Orion,and the Pleiades and the chambers of the south, 10  Doer of great things inscrutableand wonders innumerable. 11  Here he comes by me and I do not see him,goes past and I do not perceive him— 12 * Here he comes down on me, who will turn him back?who will say to him ‘What are you doing?’ 13  God will not turn back his anger;Rahab’s helpers sank under him, 14  Not to speak of such a thing as that I should answer him,choose my words with him, 15  I who if I were in the right would not answer,would beg as a favor for what was my right. 16  If I called and he answered meI would not believe that he would give ear to my voice, 17  He who deals me hurts in a tempestand multiplies my sores for nothing, 18  Does not let me get back my breathbut gives me all the bitter mouthfuls I can hold. 19 * As for stark strength, there it is!but as for judgment, who will set me a date? 20 * If I am in the right my own mouth will put me in the wrong;I am virtuous and he has made a crook of me. 21 * I am virtuous—I do not think of my person—I want nothing of my life— 22  It is all one; therefore I say,he makes a clean sweep of virtuous man and rogue. 23  If a scourge brings sudden deathhe makes fun of innocent men’s despair. 24 ** A country is given into a rogue’s hands;he covers its judges’ faces.If not then, who is it that does? 25  And my days are swifter than a runner,have gone off without seeing anything good, 26 * Have passed like reed boats,like a vulture shooting toward food 27 * If I say I will forget my grievance,will quit my dismalness and brighten up, 28  I quail at all my woes,I know I shall not be acquitted. 29  I am the one to be found guilty—what should I take useless trouble for? 30  If I take a snow bathand clean my hands with alkali, 31  Then he will dip me in a mudholeand my garments will abominate me. 32  For he is not a man like me whom I should answer,we should go into court together; 33  There is no adjudicator between uswho will lay his hands on us both. 34  Let him take his cudgel away from over meand his terror not overwhelm me; 35  I will speak and not be afraid of him,because I am not like that to my knowledge.


9:12 Lit. without the word me
9:19 Lit. a mighty one’s strength
9:20 Or it has made
9:21 Lit. do not know my
9:24 Or Earth is given
9:24 Lit. without the words that does
9:26 Lit. with reed boats
9:27 Lit. quit my face and