Job 8:1-22

8  And Bildad the Shuhite answered 2  “Till when will you keep up this talkand shall the words of your mouth be a big wind? 3  Will Deity play tricks with justiceor Shaddai with right? 4 * If your sons sinned against himhe let them bear the consequences of their crime; 5  If you will direct your quest toward Deityand beseech Shaddai, 6 * If you are pure and right-mindedhe will rouse for you nowand revive your righteous standing, 7  And your past will have been littleand your future will be right ample. 8  For ask a past generationand observe their fathers’ researches, 9 ** Because we are yesterday’s growth; we do not know;for our days on earth are a shadow. 10  Will not they instruct you, tell you,and bring out words from their hearts? 11  Will papyrus stalks make a jungle in anything but a morass?will reeds thrive without water? 12  Still unripe, unplucked,before any grass they dry out. 13 * Such are the paths of all who forget Deity,and the hope of an irreligious man comes to nothing, 14  One whose reliance is a gossamerand the object of his confidence is a spider’s tent. 15  He leans on his house and does not stand,takes hold of it and does not get on his feet. 16 * He is lush before the sunand his runners run out over his garden, 17 ** His roots are matted about a stone-heap,he takes hold of a structure of rocks. 18  If He annihilates him from his placeit will disavow him, ‘I never saw you.’ 19 * That is the triumphant climax of his career,and another sprouts up from the ground. 20 * Deity does not repudiate a conscientious mannor lend a hand to evil-doers. 21 * He will yet fill your mouth with laughterand your lips with hurrahs. 22  Those who hate you will be wrapped in shame,and wrong-doers’ tent will be nowhere.”


8:4 Lit. let them go into the hands of
8:6 Lit. over you
8:9 Lit. are yesterday
8:9 Var. and our days on earth are like a shadow
8:13 Var. Such is the future of
8:16 (his garden) Susp.
8:17 Codd. he beholds a
8:17 Lit. a house of stones
8:19 Lit. There, that is the joy of his course
8:20 Lit. nor hold the hands of
8:21 Codd.* Till he fills