Job 6:1-30

6  But Job answered 2  “If only my vexation were to be weighedand they were to take up my catastrophe altogether on the scales, 3 * Because it would then outweigh the sand of the sea!that is why my words were so rash. 4  For I have Shaddai’s arrows in me,their poison drinking out my spirit;God’s overwhelmings are in the field against me. 5  Will a wild ass bray over greenswardor a cow moo over its mess of barley? 6 * Is flour paste to be eaten without salt,or is there flavor in marshmallow? 7 * My appetite refuses to touch,loathes my food like the discharges of my disease. 8  If only what I ask would come,and God would give what I am hoping for, 9  And God would be pleased to fell me,would turn his hand loose and finish me off! 10 * And it would yet be my comfort,and I should break away in the pang that he does not spare,because I have never hushed up the say of the Holy One. 11  What is my strength, that I should wait?and what is my end, that I should be patient? 12  Or is my strength the strength of stones?or is my flesh bronze? 13  —Or do I have in me no help for myselfand are sensible ideas knocked out of me? 14 * One who fails to get friendship from his friendwill leave off the fear of Shaddai. 15  My brothers have played false like an arroyo,like a bed of arroyo-streams that run off, 16  That are black with winter weather,on which snow goes out of sight; 17 * At the scorching time they are wiped out;in the heat they disappear from their place; 18  The line of their course twists about,they go up into nothingness and are lost. 19  The wayfarers from Teman were looking,the caravans from Sheba were hoping for them; 20 ** They were disappointed because they had relied on them;they came to them and were discomfited. 21 * You have now been the same to me;you see a horror and are afraid. 22  Was I saying ‘Give me’or ‘Pay a tip for me out of your means 23  And get me off out of a foeman’s handsand ransom me out of the hands of ruffians’? 24  Instruct me and I will be silent;make it clear to me what missteps I have made. 25 * How telling are frank utterances!but what does correction from you correct? 26  Do you think of correcting talk?but a despairing man’s say amounts to wind. 27 * Will you even fall upon a man of conscientious lifeand charge down upon your friend? 28  Now please face me;I will not lie to your faces. 29 * Come back; let us have no foul play;come back, I still have my honesty in it. 30  Is there foul play on my tongue?or does my palate not discriminate catastrophes?


6:3 Lit. were rash
6:6 (flour paste) Unc.
6:7 Codd. loathes my food like a lion Var. they are loathing the diseased state of my food
6:10 Susp.
6:14 Codd. withholds friendship from his friend Var. One who is breaking down should get friendship from his friend even if he leaves off (unc.)
6:17 Lit. At the time they (or men) are scorched
6:20 Lit. had relied; they
6:20 Codd. came to it
6:21 Codd. Because you have now been to me, you Var. Because you have now become it (var. become not), you
6:25 (first half) Unc.
6:27 Codd. You would even cast lots over an orphan and bargain over your friend
6:29 Or still have right on my side Conj. still have my honesty in me