Job 5:1-27

5  “Call: is there one that will answer you?and to which of the Holy Ones will you turn? 2  For vexation kills an ignorant manand jealousy brings a simpleton to death. 3  I have seen an ignoramus take root,but suddenly the ground he stood on was lost. 4  His sons are far from succor,are overborne in the gate and there is no deliverer; 5 * What they have harvested a hungry man eats,and thirsty men gulp their abundance. 6  For misfortune does not come out of the earthnor trouble sprout from the soil; 7 ** For man breeds trouble,and sparks fly high. 8  But I would apply to Deityand state my problem to God, 9  Who does things great and inscrutable,wonderful things in uncountable number, 10  Him who gives rain over earthand sends water over all outdoors, 11  While he sets lowly men on highand men that wore black mount to triumph; 12  Who frustrates shrewd men’s plans,and their hands do nothing that makes sense; 13  Who catches wise men in their own shrewdness,and crafty men’s policy goes rash. 14  In the daytime they meet with darknessand they grope as if in the night at noon, 15 * And he saves from their swords an orphanand from a strong man’s hands a needy man, 16  And the poor man comes to have hopeand foul play shuts its mouth. 17  Happy the man whom God corrects;do not reject Shaddai’s discipline; 18  For he hurts and he bandages,He mangles and his hands heal. 19  In six distresses he will deliver youand in seven no harm shall touch you; 20  In famine he will have paid your ransom from deathand in war from the power of the sword; 21 * When a tongue scourges, you shall be hidden,and you shall not be afraid of havoc when it comes. 22  At havoc and at starvation you shall laugh,and of the wild beasts you shall not be afraid, 23  Because you have your pact with the stones of the fieldand the wild beasts have made peace with you. 24  You shall know that all is well in your tentand shall inspect your pastures and miss nothing, 25  And shall know that your issue is plentifuland your offspring like the herbage of the earth; 26  You shall come to your grave in rugged vigoras a stack of grain goes up at its due time. 27  We have examined into this; it is so;listen to it and know it for yourself.”


5:5 Susp.; codd. eats, and takes it to from thorns, and thirsty
5:7 Codd.* is born for trouble
5:7 (sparks) Unc.
5:15 Codd. saves from swords, from their mouths, and from a strong Conj. saves from their swords simple men, and from a strong
5:21 (first half) Susp.