Job 40:1-24

40  And Jehovah answered Job 2  “Does an admonisher dispute with Shaddai?let him who corrects God answer it.” 3  And Job answered Jehovah 4  “Here I am, insignificant—what reply should I make?I lay my hand on my mouth. 5  I did speak once, but will not answer—and twice; but I will do it no more.” 6  And Jehovah answered Job out of a tempest 7  “Gird your loins like a manso that I may ask you questions and you inform me. 8  Will you even quash my judgment,hold me in the wrong so that you may be in the right? 9  Or do you have an arm like God’s,do you thunder with a voice like his? 10  Bedeck yourself with dignity and sublimity,robing yourself in majesty and splendor, 11 * Hurl the rages of your anger,and see every proud one and bring him low, 12 * See every overweening one and humble him,crumple wrong-doers where they stand, 13 * Bury them in the ground together,envelop their faces in sod, 14  And I too will praise youthat your right hand has made good your cause. 15 * Here is Behemoth, that I made with you;it eats grass like cattle. 16  Here is the strength in its backand the vigor in the muscles of its belly. 17 * It holds its tail stiff as a cedar;the sinews of its hams are ropy. 18 * Its bones are copper pipes,its backbone like a bar of iron. 19 * First of Deity’s undertakings is this,made as he was bringing on his chisel. 20 ** For mountains bear growth for it,and all beasts of the wilds play there. 21  Under jujube-trees it lies,in a blind of reeds and morass, 22 * Jujube-trees cover it with its shade,arroyo poplars surround it. 23 ** Suppose a river overflows, it is not nervous;it is undaunted though a Jordan bursts against its mouth; 24 * In its eyes it takes it;it has its nose bored with baits.


40:11 (last half), 12 (first half) Susp.
40:12 (crumple) Unc.
40:13 (in sod) Lit. in burial
40:15 Or Here you have with you Behemoth, that I made (var. omits that I made)
40:17 Unc.
40:18 (last half) Unc.
40:19 (last half) Unc., susp.
40:20 Conj. that For does not belong here
40:20 (last half) Susp.
40:22 (first half) Susp.
40:23 (overflows) Var. oppresses
40:23 (last half) Susp.
40:24 Unc., susp.