Job 4:1-21

4  And Eliphaz the Temanite answered 2  “Shall we try a word to you? you will be impatient,but who can keep in words? 3  Here you have been schooling manyand nerving slack hands; 4  Your words set a stumbling man on his feetand you braced failing knees; 5  Now that it comes to you you are impatient;it touches you and you are disconcerted. 6  Is not your piety your relianceand your conscientious life your hope? 7  Remember: what innocent man has perished,where were upright men annihilated? 8 * As I see it, those who plow villainyand sow trouble reap it; 9  They perish by God’s breath,are made an end of by the air from his nostrils. 10  The lion’s roar, the voice of the king of beasts,and the two-year-old lion’s teeth, are broken, 11  The great lion perishes for lack of prey,and the lioness’s cubs lose touch with each other. 12 * “And a word once stole upon me,my ear took in a whisper of it, 13  In thoughts brought by night visionswhen trances fall on men. 14 * A terror beset me, and a quaking,and terrified every bone in me, 15  And a breeze ran over my face,made the hair on my flesh prickle up: 16 ** It stood there, but I could not make out what it looked like;There was a form before my eyes,I heard a hushed voice: 17  ‘Is a human being to be more in the right than God,a man to be cleaner than his Maker? 18 * Why, he does not trust his own servantsand charges his angels with frailties; 19  How much more those who inhabit houses of clay!such as have their foundations on the earthand are beaten down before a moth, 20  Between morning and evening they are shattered,are lost for all time without anyone’s noticing it. 21  A fiber pulls out within themand they die unaccountably.’


4:8 Or have seen, those
4:12 Lit. a word stole
4:14 Lit. terrified the manyness of my bones
4:16 Lit. it stood, but
4:16 Lit. heard a silence and voice
4:18 (last half) Unc.