Job 36:1-33

36  And Elihu said further 2  “Wait a bit and I will show you,for there is more to say for God. 3 * I will take a broad viewand credit my Maker with doing right. 4 * What I have to say is no falsification;you have with you one who is sincere in his views. 5  Lo, Deity is supreme and will not be disdainful,supreme in power of mind. 6  He will not let a wrong-doer liveand will give downtrodden men their rights. 7 * He will not minimize his attention to a right-doer,but with kings will enthrone them permanently,and they shall be exalted. 8  And if they are bound in fetters,caught in cords of misery, 9  He tells them of their doingsand their offenses, that they were overweening, 10  And makes disciplinary disclosures to themand says they are to turn back from vileness. 11  If they listen and submitthey shall finish their days in good livingand their years in comfort; 12 * But if they do not listen they will rush upon destructionand come to their end by lack of knowledge. 13 * But men of godless heart take to anger,do not cry out petitions when he binds them; 14 * Their vital spark shall die off in youthand their lives as do sodomite boys. 15  He rescues an unfortunate man in his misfortuneand makes disclosures to them in privations. 16 *** And he has been enticing you out of the mouth of distress too,unconstrained roominess under it,and the setting down of your table full of rich food. 17 * And you are full of the sentence on a wrong-doer;judgment and sentence take hold, 18  For let not choler entice you into mockerynor abundance of composition-money deflect you. 19  Will your clamor take effect without distress,and all exertions of strength? 20 * Do not pant for the night,to have peoples go up where they stand. 21 * Beware, do not turn to depravity,for you have been preferring this to suffering. 22  Lo, Deity shows himself supernal in his strength;who is such a preceptor as he? 23  Who has appointed his course for him,and who has said ‘You have done amiss’? 24  Remember to extol his work,of which men have sung. 25  All mankind view it,man looks at it from afar. 26 * Lo, Deity is great beyond our knowledge;the number of his years is incalculable. 27 * For he takes away drops from the seato filter as rain for his mist, 28  Which the heavens let trickle downand let drop upon many a man. 29  Or does one understand the spreading of clouds either?the resoundings of his bower? 30 * Lo, he spreads his mist about himand covers mountaintops. 31 * For by them he provisions peoples,gives food on a great scale. 32 ** He covers a stone with lightand orders it to strike a mark, 33 * Assailing mischief and wrongand wreaking jealous anger on foul play.


36:3 Lit. will draw my knowledge from far away and give right-doing to my Maker
36:4 Or who is faultless in knowledge
36:7 Lit. diminish his eye from a right-doer
36:12 Lit. will go across onto the spears
36:13 (take to) Unc.
36:14 Or while they are still sodomite boys Lit. among sodomite boys
36:16-20 Susp.; unc.
36:16 The word it may refer to something that has been left out in copying
36:16 Lit. full of oiliness
36:17-18 Conj. And you are not to pass wicked men’s judgment, but let justice be your stay; see that silver does not entice you nor the offering of composition-money deflect you
36:20 Or go up under them
36:21 Conj. preferring misdoing to
36:26 Lit. is great and we do not know
36:27 Codd. takes away drops of water to filter
36:30 Codd. covers the roots of the sea
36:31 Codd. judges peoples
36:32 Susp.; unc.
36:32 Codd. covers hands with light and orders it (the it not meaning light, according to Hebrew grammar)
36:33 Codd. His shout telling of him, livestock too of one who is coming up