Job 35:1-16

35  And Elihu answered 2 * “Do you think this right,say ‘my good case before Deity,’ 3  That you ask how it benefits you,‘What good do I get more than by my sinning?’ 4  I give you the answer,and your comrades with you, 5  Look at the sky and see,and behold the ether so high above you; 6  If you have sinned what are you doing to him,and if your crimes are many what effect has it on him? 7  If you have done right what are you giving to him,or what is he getting at your hands? 8  Your wrong-doing pertains to a man like yourselfand your right-doing to a human being. 9 ** They cry out over the great number of denials of justice,they clamor over powerful men’s high hand,— 10 * And one has not said ‘Where is God my Maker,who gives songs in the night, 11  Who teaches us more than the beasts of earthand makes us wiser than the birds of the air?’ 12 * It is there that they cry unansweredbecause of the pride of bad men, 13 * All in vain—Deity does not hearand Shaddai does not regard it. 14  Even when you say you do not behold him,he has the case before him and you are to wait for him. 15 * And now because he does not set his anger to workhe does not thoroughly know the offense! 16 * But Job is opening his mouth to let out air,uttering big phrases without knowing what he is talking about.”


35:2 Or against Deity
35:9 Codd. many men’s
35:9 Lit. men’s arm
35:10 Var. who sets the watches of the night, who teaches us out of the beasts of earth and makes us wise out of the
35:12 Conj. It is those men that cry
35:13 Lit. Just in vain
35:15 (offense) Var. a word of unknown meaning
35:16 Lit. without the last five words