Job 33:1-33

33  But hear what I have to say, Job,and give ear to all my words. 2  Here I am opening my mouth,my tongue is speaking under its roof, 3 * My say is the sincere expression of my heartand my lips utter the best of their knowledge. 4  Deity’s spirit made meand Shaddai’s breath put life into me. 5  Answer me if you can,join issue and stand up to me. 6 * You will find me to be in the same relation to Deity as you;I was kneaded out of clay as you were. 7  Here will terror of me not overwhelm younor my duress weigh you down. 8 * “Only—you said in my hearing,I heard a sound of such words, 9  ‘I am pure, free from crime,I am clear and have no guilt about me. 10 * Here he is inventing antagonisms against meand counting me as an enemy of his, 11  Setting my feet in the stocksand watching all my paths.’ 12 * Here you are not right in this, I answer you,because God is more than man. 13  How come you setting up a case against himbecause he does not answer all your words? 14 * For Deity speaks once for alland does not repeat it a second time. 15  In a dream, a vision of the night,when trances fall on men,in slumbers on the bed, 16 * Then he makes disclosure to menand dismays them with sights that they see, 17 * To turn away man from his doingsand prune away pride from a man, 18 * Hold back his life from the graveand his being from rushing upon destruction. 19  And he is admonished by pain on the bedand the discord in his bones is perpetual, 20  And his inclination loathes breadand his appetite the food it naturally craves. 21 * His flesh gets too wasted to look atand his bones so bare nobody will look at them, 22 * And his life is near to the graveand his being to the place of the dead. 23  If he has over him an angel,an interpreter, one out of a thousand,to tell man his right course, 24 * And he is gracious to him and says‘Let him off from going down to the Pit;I have been given satisfaction,’ 25  His flesh will grow plumper than in childhood;he will come back to his youth. 26 * He will invoke God and God will accept him,and he will see his face with shouts of joy;and he will give the man back his standing for righteousness. 27  He will sing before men and say‘I sinned, I turned fair play to foul,and he did not give ma measure for measure, 28  He has redeemed my life from passing into the Pit,and my being has the sight of the light.’ 29  Here Deity does all these thingstwice over, three times, with a man, 30  To turn his life back from the Pitto be lighted with the light of life; 31  Listen, Job, hear me,be silent for me to speak. 32  If there is anything to be said, answer me;speak, because I should like you to be in the right. 33  If there is not, hear me yourself;be silent and let me acquaint you with wisdom.”


33:3 Lit. and the knowledge of my lips they utter pure and simple
33:6 Probably lit. pinched off from clay
33:8 Lit. a sound of words Var. the sound of your words
33:10 Conj. picking a quarrel with me
33:12 Var. How do you say ‘I am righteous (or in the right) and he does not answer me’? for he who is above man is eternal Conj. How do you say ‘I cry and he does not answer me, because the Most High ignores man’?
33:14 Var. speaks by one means and by two, while one does not behold it
33:16 Var. and puts a seal on their instruction, to turn away
33:17 Codd. For a man to get rid of a deed and to cover up pride from Var. To turn away man from foul play and to
33:18 Lit. from going across onto the spears
33:21-24 Susp.
33:22 Codd. and his being to the executioners
33:24 Lit. have found satisfaction
33:26 Lit. and he will accept him