Job 32:1-22

32 * And these three men left off answering Job, because he felt that he was in the right. 2  And Elihu the son of Barakel the Buzite, of the clan of Ram, was angry: angry at Job for making himself out in the right against God, 3 * and angry at his three friends for not finding an answer, and putting God in the wrong. 4  And Elihu had waited for Job in the talk because they were older than he, 5  but Elihu saw that the three men had no answer in their mouths, and was angry. 6  And Elihu the son of Barakel the Buzite answered “I am a youngster and you are gray-bearded men; that was why I was bashful and afraid to state my view among you. 7  I thought ‘Let days speakand number of years disclose wisdom.’ 8  But it is a spirit in man, after all,and Shaddai’s breath makes them understand things. 9 * It is not men of many days that are wisenor old men that understand what is right. 10  So I say, Hear me;I too will state my view. 11  Here I did wait for your words,listened for your discernments,Till you should hunt out something to say, 12  and applied my attention to you,And found Job had nobody to confute him,to answer his say, among you. 13  For fear you should say ‘We have discovered wisdom,’Deity shall put him to rout, not a man. 14  And he has not marshaled points against me,nor will I answer him with what you said. 15  “They were dismayed, no longer made any answer,their phrases had moved out, 16  And was I to wait when they were not speaking,when they were at a standstill, no longer made any answer? 17  I will make the answer that is my portion,I too will state my view, 18  For I am full of things to be said,the spirit in my waist is putting me under a strain, 19  I feel my waist like wine that is not being opened;as with skins of new wine, an explosion is coming. 20  I will speak and get relief,will open my lips and answer. 21  May I not show partiality to any man;and to no human being will I pay compliments, 22  For I do not know how to pay compliments;my Maker might easily snatch me away.


32:1 Var. they felt
32:3 Var. answer, and putting Job or answer and putting Job
32:9 Var. It is not great number of days that are wise Conj.* It is not great number of days that gives wisdom, nor old age that makes right understood