Job 31:1-40

31  “I put my eyes under a contract,and how was I to take notice of a maiden? 2  And what is God’s allotment from aboveand Shaddai’s assignment from on high? 3  Is it not calamity for a knaveand mishap for villains? 4  Does not he see my coursesand count all my steps? 5  If I walked with false pretenseand my foot hurried toward fraud, 6  Let God weigh me in a fair balanceand know about my conscientiousness. 7  If my tread has swerved from the courseand my eye has followed my heartand anything has stuck to my hands, 8  Let me sow and another eat,and what grows for me be uprooted. 9  If my heart has been inveigled after a womanand I have lain in wait at my friend’s doorway, 10  Let my wife grind for anotherand others crouch over her. 11  For that would be lewdness,it would be guilt to come before a court. 12 * For that is a fire that would eat down to the land of the gone foreverand take out the roots of all my produce. 13  If I refused the rights of my slaveswhen they had a dispute with me, 14  What should I do when Deity stands up,and when he is punishing what answer should I make to him? 15  Did not he who made me in a mother’s body make them,and was it not one who worked us into shape in the womb? 16  If I withheld what poor men wantedand let a widow’s eyes wear out with looking and longing, 17  And ate my snack aloneand an orphan did not eat part 18 * (For from my boyhood I raised him as a father would,and ever since my birth I helped her along), 19  If I saw one perishing for lack of clothingand that a needy man had nothing to cover him, 20 * If his back did not bless meand he get warmth out of the fleeces of my sheep, 21 *** If I shook my fist at a quiet manbecause I saw I had friends in court, 22 * May my arm drop off from its shoulder,may it be broken through its long bone. 23 ** For Deity’s calamity is a thing I dread,and I cannot cope with his majesty. 24  If I have made gold my relianceand spoken of kethem as my confidence, 25  If I was gladdened because my wealth was greatand I had a great deal at my disposal, 26  If I saw the light as it beamedand the moon walking sublimely 27 * And I was secretly so simplemindedthat my mouth kissed my hand, 28  That too would be guilt to come before a court,for I should have been lying to Deity above. 29  If I was glad of a disaster to one who hated meand was elated because evil had found him— 30  Why, I did not let my throat sinasking his life with a curse; 31  If the men of my tent did not say‘Who will bring somebody that has not had all he wanted of his meat?’— 32  No visitor from abroad spent the night in the street;I opened my doors to the wayfarer. 33  If in human fashion I covered up my crime,burying my guilt under my cloak, 34  Because I stood in awe of a great crowdand the contempt of clans dismayed me,And I kept quiet, not going out of the doorway— 35 * I wish I had someone to hear me!Here is my signature, let Shaddai answer me!And a bill that my opponent had written, 36 * wouldn’t I carry it on my shoulder,lace it on as a crown for me! 37  I would report to him the number of my steps,would receive him as a lord high steward should. 38  If my soil cries out against meand its furrows are weeping together, 39  If I have eaten its strength without paying moneyand have let the life go out of its owners, 40 * Instead of wheat let briers come out,and instead of barley nightshade.”End of the words of Job.


31:12 Conj. and burn all my
31:18 Codd. he grew up for me like a father
31:20 Lit. his loins
31:21 Lit. swung my hand
31:21 Codd. an orphan
31:21 Lit. saw my help in the gate
31:22 Lit. shoulder drop off from its shoulder-blade, and my arm be broken from its tube
31:23 Conj. Deity’s hand
31:23 Var. For the dread of Deity bars me Conj. For the dread of Deity comes to me
31:27 Lit. my hand kissed my mouth
31:35 Lit. my mark
31:36 Lit. if I would not carry
31:40 (nightshade) Unc.