Job 29:1-25

29  And Job further struck up his lay and said 2  “Would that I were as in old-time months,as in the days when God watched over me, 3  When he let his lamp beam over my headand by his light I walked through darkness! 4 * As I was in my days of ripeness,when God had a fence round my home, 5  When Shaddai was still with me,my boys were around me, 6 * When my callers washed their dust off in clabberand rocks on my grounds poured rills of oil. 7 * When I went out of gate to town,prepared to take my seat in the square, 8  Young men saw me and hidand graybeards rose and stood; 9  Captains checked what they had to sayand laid hand on their mouths; 10 * Magistrates’ voices hidand their tongues stuck to the roof of their mouths. 11  For ears heard and deemed me happy,eyes saw and bore witness to me, 12  That I brought a downtrodden suppliant out of trouble,and an orphan, and one whom none would help; 13  The blessing of one who was perishing came upon meand I set a widow’s heart caroling. 14 ** I clothed myself in right,and like a robe and tiara justice clothed me. 15  I was eyes for the blind man,and feet for the lame man was I. 16  I was a father to the needy,and investigated the claims of the man I did not know 17  And smashed a knave’s fangsand knocked prey out of his teeth. 18 ** And I thought I should breathe my last with my nestlingsand have my days as numerous as the sand, 19  With my roots spreading out to waterand dew on my twigs through the night, 20  My honors fresh about meand my bow coming new in my hand. 21  They listened for me and waited,kept still to get my advice; 22  After my word they did not speak again,and my discourse came sprinkling down on them. 23  They waited for me as if for rainand held their mouths wide open for a spring shower. 24 * I gave them a laugh, they did not believe;and my face shone, they did not let theirs fall. 25  I chose their course and sat as head,and lived like a king in a raiding-party,as if he were comforting mourners.


29:4 Lit. over my home Var. God consorted over my home
29:6 (callers) Unc.
29:7 Unc.
29:10 (hid) Susp.
29:14 (justice) Var. my just judgment
29:14 Codd.* in right, and it clothed itself in me; my just judgment was like robe and tiara
29:18 Lit. with my nest
29:18 Var. numerous as those of palm trees
29:24-25 Susp.