Job 27:1-23

27  And Job further struck up his lay and said 2  “By the Deity, who has brushed aside my rights,and Shaddai, who has embittered my life, 3  When my breath was still all in meand God’s wind in my nostrils, 4  My lips shall not speak amissnor my tongue voice false pretenses. 5  Away with the thought of my putting you in the right;till I breathe my last I will not throw off my conscientiousness. 6  I hold fast to my righteous cause and will not loosen my hold;my heart feels no remorse for any of my days. 7 * May my enemy be in the state of a wrong-doerand my adversary in that of a knave! 8  For what is an ungodly man’s hopewhen God is cutting off and pulling out his soul? 9  Will Deity hear his crywhen distress comes upon him, 10  Or will he be happy over Shaddai,call on God on every occasion? 11  I will instruct you as to the Deity’s hand;what Shaddai has in mind I will not conceal from you. 12  Here you have all of you seen the sights,what do you go into flights of fancy for? 13  This is a wicked man’s lot in the Deity’s plan,and the estate violent men are to get from Shaddai. 14  If his sons are numerous, the sword is for them,and his offspring will not have their fill of bread. 15  His survivors will be buried in deathand his widows will not weep. 16  If he piles up silver like earthand lays up clothing as if it were clay, 17  He will lay it in and an honest man will wear itand innocent men share the silver among them. 18 * He has built his house like a spider’s,like a booth a watchman makes. 19 * He goes to bed rich, but is so no more;he opens his eyes and it is not there. 20 ** Dissolution descends upon him like water;in the night a gale snatches him, 21  An east wind picks him up and he goes,and it sweeps him out of his place. 22  He pelts him unsparingly;he is in constant flight from his hand. 23 * He strikes his hands together over himand whistles at him from his place.


27:7 Lit. be like a wrong-doer and my adversary like a knave
27:18 Var. like a moth’s or like bird’s nest
27:19 Or he is not there
27:20 (like water) Susp.
27:20 Lit. a gale steals him
27:23 Conj.* They strike their hands together over him and whistle