Job 26:1-14

26  But Job answered 2  “What a help you have been to one without strength,what a salvation to an arm without energy, 3  What a counselor to one without wisdom,and in what abundance you have imparted common sense! 4  Whom have you told what to say?and whose breath came out from you? 5 * The shades writheunderneath the water and its denizens. 6  The realm of death lies naked before himand the land of the gone forever has no cover. 7  He stretches the north over vacancy,hangs earth on nothing, 8  Bundles up water in his thundercloudsand the cloud does not tear under it, 9 * Encloses the face of the full moon,spreading his cloud over it. 10 ** He has drawn a boundary circle on the face of the waterat the extremity of light, where it meets darkness. 11  The pillars of the skyrock and are confounded at his rebuke. 12  By his power he stirred the seaand by his understanding he mangled Rahab. 13 * By his wind the sky is swept bare,and his hand pierced the elusive snake. 14  There, these are the edges of his course,and what a whispered thing it is that we hear of him!but the thunder of his energies who may perceive?”


26:5 Or writhe underneath, the water
26:9 Var.* face of his throne
26:10 Lit. up to the extremity
26:10 Lit. the extremity of light with darkness
26:13 Conj. His wind sweeps (or swept) the sky bare