Job 23:1-17

23 * But Job answered 2  “Today too my complaint is rebellion!my hand lies heavy on my moans. 3  If only I knew how to find him,come to his seat! 4  I would formulate my case before himand fill my mouth with arguments; 5  I should find out what points he would make in answer to me,should see what he would say to me. 6 * Would he maintain his contention against me by superior strength?not he, he would just pay attention to me. 7 * There I should have one who was candid arguing with me,and I should definitively get clear from my judge. 8  Here I go east and he is not there,and west and I do not perceive him, 9  I look for him in the north and do not behold him,swing round to the south and do not see him, 10 ** While he knows which way I stand;were he to test me, I should come out like gold. 11  My foot holds on to his tracks,I watch his course and do not swerve, 12  From the command of his lips I do not shift,in my bosom I have laid up the say of his mouth. 13 * But when he has his mind made up who will turn him back?he hankers and he acts. 14  For he will go through with what he has marked out for me,and has in store plenty of things like that. 15  That is why I am affrighted at him;I realize the situation and stand in dread of him, 16  And Deity has unnerved meand left me terror-struck. 17 * For I do not break down at darknessand at being covered with blackness.


In chapters 23-37 various commentators have made many guesses that this or that part did not originally belong to the book of Job or that some verses originally belonged in a different part of Job’s speech or in Bildad’s speech or in a third speech of Sophar’s. The guesses that have been made by the largest number are that chapter 28 did not belong to the book and that chapters 32-37 did not belong to it.
23:6 Or no, he would give personal attention Lit. no, only he (emphatic) would pay attention
23:7 Var. There an upright man would be arguing with him
23:10 Or For he knows
23:10 Codd.* knows a course with me Var. knows my walking and my standing
23:13 Var. But he is in one (person) and who
23:17 Codd.* and at me that blackness covers