Job 2:1-13

2 * And one day the angels came to present themselves before Jehovah, and the Adversary too came among them, and presented himself before Jehovah. 2  And Jehovah said to the Adversary “From where did you come?” And the Adversary answered Jehovah “From ranging through the earth and walking about in it.” 3  And Jehovah said to the Adversary “Did you take notice of my servant Job? because there is nobody on earth like him, a conscientious and upright man, fearing God and keeping clear of bad actions; and he still holds on to his principles, and you were trying to influence me to wipe him out for nothing.” 4 * And the Adversary answered Jehovah “Skin over skin, and over his person a man will give everything he has. 5 ** But put out your hand and hit his bones and flesh, and see if he will not curse you to your face.” 6 * And Jehovah said to the Adversary “Here, he is at your disposal; only look out for his life.” 7  And the Adversary went out from Jehovah’s presence and struck Job with a malignant eruption from foot to crown, 8  and he took a piece of broken crockery to scrape himself with. And as he sat in the ashes 9 * his wife said to him “Are you still holding on to your principles? curse God and die.” 10  But he said to her “You talk as any reprobate would. Are we to accept the good at God’s hands and not accept the bad?” With all this Job did not sin with his lips. 11  And Job’s three friends heard of all this disaster that had come upon him, and they came from their different places, Eliphaz the Temanite and Bildad the Shuhite and Sophar the Naʽamathite, and arranged with each other for coming to lament over him and to comfort him. 12  And they raised their eyes at a distance and could not recognize him; and they raised their voices and wept and tore their robes and tossed dust up over their heads toward the sky 13  and sat down on the ground with him seven days and seven nights, no one speaking a word to him, because they saw how very great his suffering was.


2:1 (angels) Lit. sons of God or sons of gods
2:4 Or over his life
2:5 Lit. flesh, if he
2:5 Codd. bless you or say good-bye to you
2:6 Lit. is in your hands; only
2:9 Codd. bless God or say good-bye to God