Job 18:1-21

18  And Bildad the Shuhite answered 2  “How long will you be snaring phrases?See the point, and afterward we may talk. 3 * How comes it we seem like cattle to your eyes, 4 * you that tear yourself in your anger?Is earth to be forsaken on your account,and a rock shifted from its place? 5  A wrong-doer’s light does go out,and the blaze of his fire gives no radiance. 6  Light turns dark in his tent,and his lamp goes out over him. 7  His vigorous steps will be crampedand his own purposes will upset him, 8 * For he runs his feet into a netand walks along on wickerwork. 9 * A trap will grip his heeland a noose clutch him. 10  The cord for him is hidden on the earthand the snare for him along the path. 11 * On all sides wraiths overwhelm himand chevy him wherever he goes. 12  His vigor is famishedand calamity stands ready for his weakening. 13 * His skin is eaten away by disease;the firstborn of death eats his members. 14 * He is torn out of his tent, what he trusted to,and is marched to the king of wraiths. 15 ** There shall be living in his tent something that is not his;brimstone shall be sprinkled over his lands. 16  His roots shall die out underneathand his twigs wither overhead. 17  The memory of him is lost from earthand there is no name of his over the wide world. 18 * He is pushed out of light into darknessand sent flitting out of the world. 19  He has neither chick nor child among his peoplenor any survivor in the places he has visited. 20 * Over the day that comes for him men of the west shall stand aghastand men of the east be taken with a shudder. 21 * Altogether such are the dwellings of a malefactor,and like this is the place of one who knows not Deity.”


18:3 Var. are rated like cattle, are hidebound in your eyes
18:4 Var. and mountains torn up from their foundations
18:8 Lit. runs with his feet into
18:9 (noose) Unc.
18:11-15 Susp.
18:13 Codd. The firstborn of death eats the pieces of his skin, eats the pieces of him
18:14 (first part) Susp.
18:15 Or There shall perch on
18:15 (something that is not his) Susp.; the Hebrew may be the name of a goblin that Bildad believed in
18:18 Lit. They push . . . and send Var.* He (or One) pushes . . . and sends
18:20 Lit. Over his day men
18:21 Lit. Only these are . . . and this is