Job 17:1-16

17  My spirit is blighted,my days are snuffed out,graves are mine. 2 ** Decidedly I have triflers about meand my eyes grow tired resting on their ungovernableness. 3  Give yourself bail for me;who would there be to strike into my hand? 4  For you have kept their hearts closeted from sense;therefore you will not set them on high. 5 * He notifies friends for a share,and his sons’ eyes are worn out with looking and longing. 6 ** But you have set me up for a byword of peoples,and I am a phenomenon before them, 7 * And my eyes are dim with vexationand my figure dissolves like a shadow. 8 * Upright men will stand aghast at this,and an innocent man be stirred up against an ungodly; 9  But a right-doer will hold his courseand a cleanhanded man grow increasingly resolute. 10  But you may all come againand I shall not find a wise man among you. 11 * My days have gone past; I am annihilated;my heartstrings are snapped. 12 * They make night into day,‘light is near, coming away from darkness.’ 13  If I hope, the realm of death is my house;I have made up my couch in the darkness; 14  I have called decay my father,the maggot my mother and sister,— 15  And where is hope of mine?and who is to behold good fortune of mine? 16 * Will they go down with me to the realm of death?or shall we go underground together?”


17:2 (triflers) Susp.
17:2 Codd. my eyes spend the night on
17:5 Or One notifies
17:6 Var. he sets me up
17:6 Var. had set me up to rule peoples, and I am a spit-before,
17:7 Codd.* is all like a shadow
17:8-10 Conj. that these verses belong elsewhere in this chapter or in chapter 18
17:11 Codd. gone past; my designs are snapped, the possessions of my heart
17:12 Unc.; susp.
17:16 Conj. go down in my hand to