Job 15:1-35

15  And Eliphaz the Temanite answered 2 * “Would a wise man answer with windy ideasand fill himself up with east wind, 3  Arguing with unserviceable talkand useless phrases? 4 * You, besides, are breaking up fear of the Deityand lessening thoughtfulness before him, 5  Because your guilt is tutoring your mouthand you choose artful men’s language. 6  Your own mouth shall prove you in the wrong, not I,and your own lips shall testify against you. 7  Are you the first of men to be born?were you brought forth before the hills? 8  Did you listen into God’s private conferenceand sequester some wisdom for yourself? 9  What do you know that we do not,perceive that we are not aware of? 10  We have among us graybeard and patriarch,further on in years than your father. 11  Are Deity’s consolations too little for you,and talk that is easy on you? 12 * Why does your heart carry you away,and what do your eyes fasten on, 13 * That you send your breath back to Deityand pour phrases out of your mouth? 14  What is man that he should be pureand that one born of woman should be in the right? 15  Here, he does not put trust in his holy onesand sky is not pure to his eyes, 16  To say nothing of an abominable and degenerate being,a man who drinks rascality like water. 17  “I will show you; give me a hearing;I have recognized this and will tell you about it, 18  What wise men stateand their fathers have not kept back. 19  They had the country given to them alone,and no stranger came through among them. 20  All a wrong-doer’s life he is in expectation,the number of years that are laid up for the violent man. 21  Sounds of dread are in his ears,in peace there is a ravager coming to him; 22 * He does not count on coming back out of darkness,and he is marked for the sword; 23 ** He has an appointment to be a meal for a kite;he knows his disaster is a settled thing; 24 * A day of darkness will overwhelm him,distress and hard straits will overpower him,like a king ready for the onslaught, 25  Because he stretched out his hand against Deityand blustered against Shaddai, 26 * Running at him headlongwith thick shield-fronts. 27 * Because he covered his face with fatand put on flesh in his waist, 28  And planted himself in extirpated cities,houses that were never to be lived in,which had been made ready to become heaps of stones, 29 ** His means shall not be rich, shall not grow up to stalks,shall not bend ears earthward; 30 * He shall not get out of darkness; flame shall dry up his shoot,and his buds shall blow off in the wind; 31 * Let him not trust to rambling futility,for futility will be his purchase; 32  His fronds shall wither untimelyand his new fronds not grow verdant; 33  He shall blast his berries like a grapevineand drop his blossoms like an olive-tree. 34  For a godless man’s company is stony ground,and fire has devoured the tents of bribery; 35 * There is breeding of trouble and giving birth to villainy,and inside them fraud is shaping up.”


15:2 Lit. answer a knowledge of wind
15:4 Lit. are breaking up fear and lessening thoughtfulness before the Deity
15:12 (fasten on) Unc.
15:13 Or send your spirit back
15:22 Lit. looked out for to the sword
15:23 Var. He roves about for bread—where?
15:23-24 Codd. he knows a day of darkness is prepared by his hand. Distress and hard straits will overwhelm him, will overpower him
15:24 (for the onslaught) Unc.
15:26 Unc.
15:27 Lit. and made suet in his back
15:29 Unc.
15:29 (ears) Codd. a word of unknown meaning Var. a shadow Var. words
15:30 Codd. move off in the wind
15:31 (purchase) Unc., susp.
15:35 Lit. and their bellies are getting fraud ready