Job 13:1-28

13  There, my eye has seen everything,my ear has heard and understood it; 2  I too know the same things you know,am not inferior to you. 3  But I am speaking to Shaddaiand would like to argue with Deity. 4  But you are whitewashers,quack doctors all of you. 5  Would that you would hold your tonguesso that it should become wisdom for you! 6 * Hear out my argumentand listen to the contentions of my lips! 7  Will you talk unfairly for Deityand stream out fraud for him? 8  Will you be partial to his side,or champion Deity’s cause? 9  Is it a good thing that he should investigate you,or would you hoax him as one hoaxes a man? 10  He will be calling you to accountif you show private partiality. 11  Should not his majesty overwhelm youand the dread of him fall upon you? 12  Your memorable sayings are proverbs of ashes,your shield-bosses turn out to be crockery. 13 ** Be still, and I will do the talking,come what may. 14 * I will pick up my flesh in my teeth,take my life in my hand. 15  Suppose he slays me: I will not wait,I will just argue my course to his face. 16  He will become salvation to me too,because an ungodly man will not be admitted before him. 17  Hear my word, do,and take my demonstration into your ears. 18  Here I have formulated my case:I know I am the one that will turn out to be in the right. 19  Who will join issue with me?for I would now hold my tongue and pass away. 20  Only do not do two things with me,then I will not screen myself from your face: 21  Take your hand away from meand let your terror not overwhelm me, 22  And call, and I will answer;or I will speak, and return me a reply. 23  How much of guilts and sins do I have?let me know my crime and sin. 24  Why do you veil your face from meand count me as an enemy of yours? 25  Would you terrorize a driven leafor chase dry straw, 26  That you list bitter things against meand saddle me with the guilts of my boyhood 27 * And set my feet in the stocks,and watch all my paths,and mark a line round the soles of my feet— 28 * And he is like a worn-out water-bag,like a moth-eaten blanket.


13:6 Var. the argument of my mouth
13:13 Lit. Be silent from me, and
13:13 Lit. and come over me what may
13:14 Var. What should I pick up my flesh in my teeth for, take my life in my hand?
13:27 (last part) Unc.
13:28 Conj. that this verse belongs somewhere in chapter 14