Job 10:1-22

10  My soul loathes being alive;I will quit grieving to myself,I will speak in the ache of my heart. 2  I will say to God ‘Do not declare me guilty,let me know what you are prosecuting me for. 3  Does it do you good to deny justice,to repudiate what your hands have toiled onand beam upon the policy of wrong-doers? 4  Do you have a mortal’s eyesor see as mankind sees, 5  Are your days like a human being’s daysor your years like a man’s days, 6  That you hunt up my guiltand make a search for my sin, 7 * Notwithstanding your knowledge that I shall not prove to be doing wrongand there is nobody to deliver out of your hands? 8  Your hands molded me and made me;afterward you swing round and wipe me out. 9  Remember that you made me in clayand are putting me back in the loam. 10  Did you not pour me like milkand curdle me like cheese, 11  Clothe me with skin and fleshand frame me with bones and sinews, 12 * Make life in me, befriend me,and your thoughtfulness guarded my spirit— 13  And you had these things hidden in your heart;I know you have had this in mind. 14  If I sinned you would watch meand not acquit me of my guilt; 15 * If I did wrong, woe to me;or right, I should not lift up my head,Eating my fill of indignitiesand drinking my fill of misery, 16 * Or if I bridled up you would hunt me like a lionand come back to your mysterious dealings with me, 17 * Confront me with new witnessesand multiply your grievances against me,mobilize fresh divisions against me. 18  And why did you bring me out of a womb?I should have perished and no eye have seen me, 19  Been as if I had not existed,been taken from mother’s body to grave. 20  Is not my lifetime small? leave off,glance away from me and let me brighten up a little 21  Before I go, never to return,to a land of darkness and gloom, 22  A land of sable dusk,gloom and disorder,that beams sable rays.’”


10:7 Conj. and there is no unfaithfulness in my hands
10:12 (first part) Susp.
10:15 Codd. indignities—and see my misery!
10:16 Var. if it
10:17 Codd. he mobilizes fresh divisions Var. fresh divisions and mobilization