Isaiah 64:1-12

64 * If only you tore the skies apart, came down with mountains streaming at your presence, 2 * like the kindling of a fire of grass where fire makes water boil over, making known your name to your foes, for nations to quake at your presence! 3  When you did terrible, unhoped-for things, you came down with mountains streaming at your presence. 4 * And from of old men have not heard of, nor bent an ear to, eyes have not seen, a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him; 5 ** you are in touch with one who joyously does what is right.Let them call you to mind by the ways you took: there you were incensed and we sinned, against the men of foul play and we went wrong, 6  and we all became like a contaminating thing, everything that is right about us like a garment soiled with a woman’s uncleanness; and we are all withered like leaves, and our guilt is like a wind carrying us off. 7  And there is nobody that calls on your name, that is wide enough awake to take hold of you, because you have veiled your face from us and handed us over to our guilt. 8  But now, Jehovah, you are our Father; we are the clay and you our potter, and we are all of us the work of your hands. 9  Do not be utterly incensed; do not remember guilt forevermore; ah, look, we are all of us your people. 10  Your sacred cities have become a wilderness: Sion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation; 11  our sacred house, our magnificent place where our fathers praised you, is laid in ashes, and all that we admired has become a waste. 12  At this will you hold in, Jehovah, sit still and break our spirits utterly?


64:1 Var.* trembling at your presence
64:2 (fire of grass) Unc.; susp.
64:4 Lit. they have not heard of
64:5 (first part) Unc.; susp.
64:5 Codd. and we sinned, in them for an age, that we may be saved, and we all Var. and we sinned; for this reason we went wrong; and we all