Isaiah 63:1-19

63 * Who is this that comes reddened, more crimson in clothing than a vintager, this one so striking for his clothing, pacing on in his abundant strength?I who speak for the right, who abundantly save. 2  How comes it there is red on your clothing and your garments are like a grape-treader’s? 3 * I trod a winepress alone, and of peoples not a man was with me; and I trod them in my anger and trampled them in my ire, and their juice spurted on my garments and I bespattered all my clothing; 4  for I had a day of vengeance in mind, and my year of redress had come. 5  And I looked and there was no helper, stood aghast and there was nobody to keep me up; and my own arm saved me and my ire kept me up, 6  and I stamped peoples down in my anger and broke them up in my ire and sent their juice down to the ground. 7 * I will commemorate Jehovah’s friendlinesses, Jehovah’s praises, as befits all that Jehovah, abundant in kindness toward Israel’s house, has done to us, that he has done by us such things as were like his tenderness and abundant friendliness. 8 ** And he said “They really are my people, sons that will not belie their birth”; and he became savior of theirs 9  in all their distress. No delegate nor angel, his presence saved them; in his love and mercy he stood by them, and lifted and carried them all through the olden days. 10  And they were disobedient and pained his holy Spirit, and he turned to be enemy to them and fought against them himself; 11 ** but he remembered olden days, Moses, his people.Where is he who brought up out of water the shepherd of his sheep? where is he who put his holy Spirit into him? 12  who caused his glorious arm to go at Moses’s right hand, who split waters apart before them to make himself an eternal name, 13 * who took them through the deeps like ponies in the wilderness, never stumbling, 14  like cattle going down on the bottom-lands, Jehovah’s spirit leading them; it was so you guided your people, to make yourself a glorious name. 15 * Look from the skies and see, from your sacred and glorious abode: where are your jealousy and your exploits? do not keep down your emotions and sympathies. 16  For you are our Father: when Abraham does not know us nor Israel recognize us, you, Jehovah, are our Father, your name has from of old been “Our Next of Kin.” 17  Why, Jehovah, do you have us stray from your paths, make our hearts too unfeeling to fear you? come back for the sake of your servants, the tribes of your estate. 18 * Why have miscreants dishonored your sacred things, our foes trampled your sanctuary underfoot, 19  and we from of old been such as you did not rule over, such as were not named as yours?


63:1 Codd. Who is this coming out of Edom, crimsoned in clothing out of Bosrah
63:3 Var. and of my people
63:7 Var. by them
63:8 Lit. belie”; and
63:8-9 Var.* of theirs. In all their distress he was distressed, and the angel of his presence
63:11 (Moses, his people) Susp.
63:11 Codd. brought them up from the sea with the shepherd Var. brought up from the sea the shepherd
63:13 Lit. leading him Var. giving him rest
63:15 Codd. your emotions and sympathies toward us are repressed
63:18 Codd. estate. For a little while they had possession of your holy people, our . . . from of old have been . . . as yours.