Isaiah 61:1-11

61  The Lord Jehovah’s spirit is upon me, since Jehovah has anointed me. To bring good news to humble men he has sent me, to bandage men broken at the heart, to proclaim liberty to men in foreign slavery and jail-delivery to men in prison, 2 * to proclaim a year of graciousness on Jehovah’s part and a day of vengeance on the part of our God, to comfort all mourners, 3  to bring on for the mourners of Sion, to give to them, high hats instead of ashes, oil of rejoicing instead of mourning, a vestment of praise instead of a benumbed spirit; and they shall be called the trees of right, Jehovah’s planting for a display of magnificence. 4  And they shall rebuild sites immemorially lying waste, re-erect the desolations of the past, and renew the waste cities, the desolations of generation upon generation. 5  And strangers shall stand tending your sheep, and foreigners’ sons be your plowmen and your vineyard hands, 6 * but you shall be called Jehovah’s priests, shall be spoken of as our God’s ministrants; you shall eat the wealth of nations, and in their opulence you shall be substituted. 7 * In place of your shame twofold and humiliation, they shall carol of their portion; therefore in their country they shall possess twofold, they shall have perpetual gladness. 8 * For I Jehovah love justice, hate thieving by crooked work; and I will give their due faithfully, and make a perpetual covenant for them. 9  And their stock shall be noted among the nations and their offspring amid the peoples: everybody who sees them shall recognize them as a stock that Jehovah has blessed. 10 * I will be joyous in Jehovah, my soul shall exult in my God, because he has dressed me in garments of salvation, wrapped me in a robe of right, as a bridegroom dons a sacramental cap and a bride bejewels herself with her belongings. 11  For like earth putting forth growth, and like a garden germinating its beds of seed, so the Lord Jehovah will bring up before all the nations a growth of right and praise.


61:2-3 Conj. that either to comfort all mourners or to bring on for the mourners of Sion has been wrongly inserted
61:6 Var. in their opulence you shall be admired Susp.
61:7 (first part) Susp.
61:8 Or hate stolen goods in a burnt-offering
61:10 Lit. a bridegroom priests a cap Susp.