Isaiah 53:1-12

53  Who believes our news? and to whom is Jehovah’s arm disclosed? 2  there came up before him a thing like an accidental shoot, like a root-sprout out of dry ground, that had no shape or stateliness that we should see it, no sightliness that we should want it. 3 * He was despised and avoided by men, a man of pains and familiar with sickness; like one from whom people screen their faces we despised him and did not count him for anything. 4  But in fact it was our sicknesses he was carrying, our pains he was loaded with—while we all the time thought he was a smitten one, struck by God and disciplined. 5  But he was being stabbed by our crimes, felled by our guilt; the chastisement to give us soundness came on him, and by his stripes we got healing. 6  We had all strayed like sheep, each headed a different way, and Jehovah made him answer for the guilt of all of us. 7  He was bullied while he was submissive and did not open his mouth, like a sheep led to slaughtering or like a ewe dumb before her shearers—and did not open his mouth. 8 * He was taken out of law and order; and in his generation who would give thought to it that he was cut away from the land of the living? For my people’s crime he was smitten, 9 * and his grave was put with malefactors and with a rich man at his death, for no violence that he had committed nor any fraud that was in his mouth, 10 * but Jehovah was pleased to fell him, he gave him a disease.If his life pays an indemnity, he will see posterity, will last long, and Jehovah’s pleasure will prosper in his hands. 11 ** He will see the thing his soul was in torment for, will have his fill; by his evil my servant will clear many, their load of guilt he will carry. 12 ** So I will give him a share among great ones and he shall share booty with powerful ones, for his having poured his soul out for death and been counted with criminals, when he had taken up the sins of many and was intervening on account of their crimes.


53:3 Var. he was despised and we did
53:8 (end) Var. was led to death Conj. was smitten to death
53:9 (a rich man) Susp.
53:10 Or If you make his life an indemnity-sacrifice Var. If he makes his life an indemnity-sacrifice or If he pays his life as an indemnity
53:11 Var. Out of the torment of his soul he will see light and have
53:11 Nearly all codd. by his knowledge or by the knowledge of him
53:12 Var. sin
53:12 Var. Intervening on criminals’ behalf