Isaiah 52:1-15

52  Rouse up, rouse up, put on your strength, Sion! put on your garments of magnificence, Jerusalem, hallowed city! for never again shall one uncircumcised and unclean enter you. 2 * Shake yourself clear of dirt, stand up, take your seat, Jerusalem; your slave-collar is unfastened, captive daughter of Sion. 3  For Jehovah says, It was for nothing you were sold, and it will not be with money you shall be rehabilitated. 4  For the Lord Jehovah says, To Egypt my people went down in the first place to live there as immigrants, and Assyria victimized them over nothing; 5 * and now what have I to do here, quoth Jehovah, when my people is seized unnecessarily? their rulers run mad, quoth Jehovah, and my name is treated with constant contempt all day long. 6  So my people shall know my name on that day, that it was I that spoke; here I am 7  What a glorious sight on the mountains are the feet of a messenger of good news, a herald of peace, a messenger that all is well, a herald of salvation, one who says to Sion “Your God is king now!” 8 * Hark to your watchmen! they raise their voices, they shout together, because eye to eye they look upon Jehovah’s coming back to Sion with tenderness. 9 * Break out in a shout together, waste sites in Jerusalem, because Jehovah has given comfort to his people, has been friend in need to Jerusalem. 10  Jehovah has bared his holy arm before the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of earth have seen our God’s salvation. 11 * Stand clear, stand clear! come out of there, touch nothing unclean! come out from within it, be by yourselves, you who carry Jehovah’s things. 12  For not hurriedly will you come out nor go in flight; for Jehovah will be going before you and the God of Israel bringing up your rear. 13  Ah, well will my servant do, will tower up and stand aloft and be high indeed. 14 * As many had been aghast at him because his form was too much disfigured to be a man, his features too much to be humankind, 15 * so will he draw the gaze of many nations; kings will shut their mouths at him, because they see what they had never been told of and realize what they had never heard.


52:2 Var. unfasten your slave-collar
52:5 Codd. their rulers howl Var. they rule and run mad
52:8 Var. omits with tenderness
52:9 Var. Break out and shout
52:11 (be by yourselves) Lit. sort yourselves out
52:14 Codd. at him (var. at you), so his
52:15 (draw the gaze of) Unc.; susp.