Isaiah 46:1-13

46 ** Bel sinks, Nebo is bent; their idols have become beasts, cattle; the things that were to carry them are loaded with burdens to the fainting-point; 2  together they have bent, sunk, have not been able to bring a load to safety but their own selves have gone into foreign slavery. 3  Listen to me, house of Jacob, all you remnant of the house of Israel, you that have been taken as a load since you came out of your mothers’ bodies, carried since you came from the womb— 4  and to old age I am the one, till your hair is white I will bear you along; I made and I will carry, I will bear along and bring to safety. 5  To whom will you compare and equalize me, and parallel me so that we shall be comparable? 6  you that deal out gold from a bag and weigh out silver with a scale, hire a goldsmith to make it into a deity, kowtow and do reverence too, 7  take it up, bear it along on your shoulders, and set it down on the floor and have it stand there, not budge from its place; one may cry to it, it will not answer, will not save him out of his distress. 8 * Remember this and anchor yourselves; rebels, take it to heart. 9  Remember facts of the ancient past; for I am Deity and there is no other, God and no being is like me, 10 * who announced the future in the past, in olden time things not yet done; who said “My purpose shall come true, and all my wishes shall be executed”; 11 * who called birds of prey from the east, from a far-off country the man for my plan; I who spoke the word will make it true, I who drew the pattern will do the work. 12  Listen to me, men of defiant heart, far from right: 13  I have brought my right-doing near, it shall not be far off, and my salvation shall not delay; and I will give salvation in Sion, my majesty to Israel.


46:1 Or beasts, cattle have got their idols
46:1 Codd.* the things that were carried by you are loaded up as a burden on a jade
46:8 (anchor yourselves) Unc.
46:10 Var. I will execute
46:11 Susp.