Isaiah 43:1-28

43  Says Jehovah now,—your Creator, Jacob; your Framer, Israel,—Do not be afraid, for I have undertaken to be responsible for you; I have named you, you are mine. 2  When you cross through water I am with you; through rivers, they shall not sweep you away. When you walk in fire you shall not be seared and no flame shall catch to you. 3 ** For I am your God Jehovah, your Savior the Holy One of Israel; I have given Egypt to get you clear, Nubia and the Sudan in your place, 4  inasmuch as I hold you precious, esteem you highly, and love you, so that I give mankind for you and folk after folk for your life. 5  Do not be afraid, because I am with you; from the east I will bring your descendants, and gather them from the west, 6  will say to the north “Give here!” and to the south “No holding out! bring my sons from far away and my daughters from the ends of the earth, 7  everyone who is called by my name and whom I have created for my glory, have shaped and made.” 8 * Bring out a blind people with eyes and deaf men that have ears. 9  All nations at once gather, and folk comes together with folk: who among them will tell this and let us hear ancient things? let them offer their witnesses to prove them right, and let them hear and say “True!” 10 * You are my witnesses, quoth Jehovah, my servants that I have chosen, in order that you may know and trust to me and understand that I am the one: no deity was shaped before me, and after me there will not be any. 11  I, I am Jehovah, and there is no savior aside from me. 12  I have told and saved and let you hear, and there was no stranger among you. And you are my witnesses, quoth Jehovah, and I am Deity, 13 * even today I am that, and there is nobody that delivers out of my hands; I do a thing and who will turn it back? 14 * Says your friend in need Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel, On your account I have sent to Babylon and will bring them all down as fugitives, and the Chaldeans, whose shout is on the ships. 15  I am Jehovah, your Holy One, Israel’s Creator, your King. 16  Says Jehovah who gives a road in the sea and a path through a mighty water, 17 * who brings out chariots and ponies, great troops and strong sinews together,—they lie down, not to rise, they are extinguished, blown out like a wick,— 18  Do not recall beginnings nor pay attention to ancient things; 19 * here I am doing a new thing, it springs up now—do you not recognize it? I will also lay a road through the wilderness, thoroughfares in desert land. 20  The wild creatures, jackals and ostriches, shall pay honor to me because I have put water in the wilderness, rivers in desert land, to give drink to my chosen people, 21  a people that I built for myself to tell my praise. 22  But you have not been calling me, Jacob, because you, Israel, felt worn down over me. 23 * You had not brought me a sheep for a burnt-offering, nor honored me with your sacrifices, I had not driven you to work for grain-offerings and worn you down for frankincense, 24  you had not bought me sweet flag for money nor refreshed me with the fat of your sacrifices; you had only driven me to work over your sins and worn me down with your guilt. 25 ** It is I, I, am canceling your crime on my own account and will not remember your sins any longer. 26  Remind me; let us bring our case against each other to trial; tell the story yourself so as to be in the right. 27  Your first father sinned, and your representatives committed crimes against me; 28  and I profaned sacred dignitaries, and gave Jacob up to proscription and Israel to insults.


43:3 Or I your God Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel, am your savior
43:3 (Sudan) Unc.
43:8 Or made,—excluding a blind people with eyes and deaf men that have ears.” (begin paragraph after this)
43:10 Var. and my servant
43:13 Codd. (unc.) even henceforth Var. even from of old
43:14 (last part) Susp.; unc.
43:17 Or takes off chariots
43:19 (thoroughfares) Var. rivers
43:23 Var. brought me your burnt-offerings of a sheep
43:25 Var. crimes
43:25 Var. omits any longer