Isaiah 4:1-6

4  And seven women shall take hold of one man on that day, saying “We will eat our own bread and wear our own garments; only let us be called by your name, take the dishonor off us.” 2  On that day Jehovah’s verdure will be splendor and glory, and the fruit of the ground pride and magnificence, for the survivors of Israel; 3 * and those that remain in Sion, and those that are left over in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, everyone in Jerusalem who is written down for life, 4  if Jehovah washes off the filth from the daughters of Sion and rinses out the blood from Jerusalem by a spirit of judgment and of cleaning out. 5 * And Jehovah will create over every abode on Mount Sion and over its meetings a cloud by day and a smoke and a glare of flaming fire by night, because over every fit of glory there shall be a canopy 6  and a booth for shade by day from parching and for a refuge and screen from squall and rain.


4:3 Lit. he that remains in Sion, and he that is
4:5 Lit. every glory