Isaiah 35:1-10

35  Wilderness and arid land shall rejoice; desert shall jubilate and bloom. 2  Like narcissus bloom it shall, and jubilate too it shall, and carol; it is given the majesty of the Lebanon, the glory of the Carmel and the Sharon; these shall see Jehovah’s majesty, our God’s glory. 3  Strengthen unstrung hands and invigorate stumbling knees; 4 * say to excited souls “Courage, have no fear: here is your God! vengeance is coming, your God’s retribution; he himself is coming to save you.” 5  Then blind men’s eyes will be opened and deaf men’s ears unlocked. 6 * Then a lame man will leap like a deer and a dumb man’s tongue will carol because water has broken out in the wilderness and freshets are running in the desert, 7 ** and the parching sands will become a pool and thirsty ground springs of water, jackals’ home a marsh, grass reeds and papyrus; 8 * and there will be an embankment there and a road, and it will be called the Sacred Road. Nothing unclean or profane will pass along it, stroller and fools will not stray; 9 * there will be no lion there, nor will savage beast come up on it; one will not be found there, but rescued men will go. 10  And Jehovah’s ransomed will come back and come to Sion with caroling, with eternal gladness on their heads; gladness and rejoicing will arrive, and sorrow and moaning will take flight.


35:4 Or have no fear: here comes your God taking vengeance; your God’s reward, that will come to save you
35:6 Var. omits are running
35:7 Or the mirage will
35:7 Codd. in jackals’ home, its lying down, grass to reeds and
35:8 Codd. Nothing unclean will pass along it, but he is for them; a wayfarer and fools or Nothing unclean will pass along it, but He goes journeying for them, and fools
35:9 Conj. on it; there rescued men will go