Isaiah 34:1-17

34  Come near, nations, to hear; and, races, listen. Let the earth and what it holds hear, the world and all that comes of it; 2  for Jehovah has wrath against all the nations and ire against all their legions, he has doomed them to extinction, given them for slaughtering. 3  And their fallen will be thrown about, and the stench of their corpses will go up, and the mountains will be washed down with their blood. 4  And all the legions of the sky will waste down, and the skies will curl back like a roll of paper and all their legions will drop off as withered leaves drop from a grapevine and as shriveled fruit drops from a fig-tree, 5 * because my sword will be seen in the heavens. Down it will come on Edom, on the people I have doomed, for judgment. 6  Jehovah has a sword that is filled with blood, greased with fat, with the blood of lambs and goats, with the kidney-fat of rams, because Jehovah has a sacrifice at Bosrah and a great slaughtering in Edom; 7 * and ures will go down with them, and steers with bulls, and their land will be bedewed with blood and their earth greased with fat. 8  For Jehovah has a day of vengeance, a year of settlement for Sion’s quarrel. 9  And her arroyos will be turned to pitch and her soil to sulfur, and her land will become burning pitch. 10  Night and day it will not be quenched; forever the smoke of her will go up. From generation to generation she will lie waste, ever and evermore no one will pass through her, 11 * and barn-owl and porcupine will take possession of her, and great owl and raven perch in her. And he will stretch over her the line of chaos, and her holes will be tenantless stones; 12  and there will be no kingship there to proclaim, and all her generals will come to nothing. 13  And her palaces will grow up to brambles, nettles and briers will stand in her fortifications, and she will become a home of jackals, a yard of ostriches. 14 ** And wildcats will come upon hyenas, and satyr will call to satyr; that will be the spot where liliths will take their ease and will find themselves a place to rest in. 15 ** There a screech-owl nests and lays, and will hatch and brood in its shadow; that was the spot where falcons gathered, each looking up its mate. 16 * Read out of Jehovah’s book: not one of those is lacking, not any misses its mate, for it was his mouth that gave the order and it was his spirit that gathered them, 17 * it was he that cast lots for them and his hand that measured and marked their shares. Forever they will hold possession of her; generation after generation they will dwell in her.


34:5 Var. my sword is bedewed (or refreshed)
34:7 Or will be watered
34:11 (barn-owl) Or pelican
34:14 Or And jinns will encounter ghouls, and
34:14 Var. that is the spot where Lilith takes her ease and will find herself
34:15 Var. was just the spot
34:15-16 Codd. gathered, each its mate. Look up and read
34:16 Var. omits of those
34:17 Lit. his hand that divided it to them by measuring-line