Isaiah 33:1-24

33  Ha, you that do violence though you have not had violence done to you, and break faith though they have not broken faith with you! when you have done all your violence you shall have violence done to you; when you have finished breaking faith they will break faith with you. 2 * Jehovah, be gracious to us; we hope in you; be our arm morning by morning, our salvation withal in time of distress. 3 * At a sound of uproar peoples have taken flight; at your exaltation nations scatter. 4 ** And booty will be taken in as fall grasshoppers do, there is a turmoil like that of young grasshoppers over it. 5  Jehovah towers high, because he dwells aloft; he fills Sion with justice and right. 6 * And a fund of victories of wisdom and knowledge shall be the security of your times; the fear of Jehovah is his treasury. 7 * There are arels making an outcry in the street; envoys sent for peace are weeping bitterly. 8 * Highways are desolate; wayfarers have left off; he has broken treaty, he despises cities, he thinks nothing of a human being. 9  Earth mourns, stands forlorn; Lebanon is abashed, it has turned yellow; the Sharon has become like the Rift Valley, and Bashan and Carmel are dropping their leaves. 10  I will now stand up, says Jehovah; I will now mount on high, I will now uplift myself. 11  You shall go pregnant with hay, you shall give birth to stubble; your passion is a fire that will consume you, 12  and peoples will be like the burning in limekilns, mowed thorns blazing up in fire. 13  Men far away have heard what I have done, men nearby have known my exploits. 14  Sinners in Sion are terrified; quaking has seized irreligious men. Who of ours can find a home in consuming fire? who of ours can find a home in perpetual flame? 15  He who walks honestly and speaks straightforwardly, who despises the profits of rapacity, who shakes his hands clean from grasping a bribe, who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed and shuts his eyes tight from gazing at wickedness, 16  he shall dwell on lofty heights; craggy fastnesses shall be his keep; he shall have his bread given, his water reliable. 17  Your eyes shall behold a king in his beauty; they shall see a country far away. 18 * Your heart will think over the terror: where is there a counter, where a weigher, where a counter of the towers? 19 * You shall not see an imperious people, a people too strange-tongued to be understood, a people of meaningless and quizzical talk. 20  Gaze on Sion, town of our sacramental congresses: your eyes shall see Jerusalem tranquil ground, a tent not to be struck, whose pegs will not be shifted forevermore, and not any of whose ropes will break, 21 * but we shall there have a parkland, a place of rivers, of roomy Niles, one in which no oared galley will go and no gallant ship will pass through it; 22 ** for Jehovah our judge, Jehovah our lawgiver, Jehovah our king, he will save us. 23 * Your ropes are slack, they do not contribute to the steadying of their mast, do not spread a sail. Then a prey of much booty was divided, lame men gathering plunder. 24  And no resident will say “I am sick”; the people that lives in it has its guilt pardoned.


33:2 Var. their arm
33:3 Or the sound of a host
33:4 Var. your booty
33:4 Or grasshoppers are
33:6 Unc.; susp.
33:7 Var.* their arels
33:8 Var. despises witnesses
33:18 (counter) Or lister (twice)
33:19 (imperious) Unc.
33:21 Codd. but Jehovah is there a parkland for us Conj.* but Jehovah has set a parkland for us
33:22 Or Jehovah is our (three times)
33:22 (lawgiver) Or marshal
33:23 Susp.